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My Friend and His Mother

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When I was 13 I had a good friend, Patrick. We used to spend a lot of time with each other. Like most teenagers, we often talked about sex and wanking (that's the UK term).

I was wanking a lot at that age, but Patrick said he wasn't because he was a Catholic and it was frowned upon. He had discussed it with his parents (I was impressed by his family's ability to discuss this-I could never have talked with my parents about it) and they had told him it was 'wicked' in God's eyes.

Although he claimed not to wank himself he still seemed very interested and asked if I would show him how I did it. I was OK about this as I had already had a few mutual sessions with another friend. I said we could do it at his place after school as his parents both worked and we would have the place to ourselves.

That afternoon we were in his bedroom; the house was empty. I said I'd only do it if he showed me his penis. I'd seen it many times in the school showers but never up close. He was reluctant, although I could see a big bulge in his pants. I then undid my track pants and got out my hard-on which was uncircumcised and already very moist at the tip. He asked me to wank it, but I said I had to see his first. He undid his pants and showed me his very nice penis, also uncircumcised and with more hair than me, jet black like the hair on his head. He wouldn't keep it out for long. He said I'd promised to wank for him.

I lay back on his bed and he sat on the floor close to the bed watching up close, his eyes only inches from my penis. I started wanking, trying to give him a good show. It didn't take long for me to shoot my load, which went right up in the air and landed all over my pubic hair and grey track pants, making dark wet patches. I was in a bit of a mess.

As I ejaculated Patrick said WOW, and then I heard another voice say, 'Boys!' I looked up and Patrick's mother was standing in the open doorway-we hadn't closed the door, thinking no one was home. Then she said, 'Mark, I would rather you didn't do that in our house.'

I thought I would die from embarrassment and felt myself go bright red. She then walked out. I got cleaned up and left, making sure I didn't bump into her on the way out.

Later in the week, I discussed it with Patrick. He seemed to find it very funny and said it wouldn't be a big deal with his parents. Still, I couldn't bring myself to visit his house.

One day, I was travelling on the bus. To my horror, Patrick's mum got on and sat next to me. She said, 'Mark, it's still OK for you to come and visit at our house-just no more leading Patrick astray.' Again I blushed, but she smiled and I felt she wasn't too upset about it all. Fortunately, I had to get off at the next stop.

Patrick and I did end up wanking together a lot more-yes him too-but from then on only in the woods or sometimes the school swimming change rooms.




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