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My Fraternity Days

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I was a naive freshman in 1978, a country boy at college in the Midwest. My roommate and I joined a frat after rush week, and went to hazing weekend. Mostly it involved the frat members trying to scare the shit out of us, but it was fairly harmless. Until Saturday night.

They took us to the main hall, stripped us naked, and tied our hands behind us. They then threw a porn video into the Betamax. It was the first porn movie I had ever seen, and I got hard immediately. Shortly we all got erections, and when we did, one guy took a ruler and measured each pledge, and called out the length. Now in my sheltered life, I had never seen another guy erect. I was pretty much the average, little under six inches, I had seen lots of guys soft in gym, and had always assumed that since my two incher about tripled from two inches to about six inches hard, that all guys grew by that ratio. But the guy next to me, went from almost under an inch to bigger than me, and the guy on the other side went from probably four inches to only five inches.

When the guy measuring was done, the guy with the eight and a half incher was donned with a fire hat, for having the biggest hose, and given the nickname moose. (There were three previous winners from the previous classes, named Bull, Snake, and Trigger.) We were all uncomfortable having erections in front of the brothers, but we were told some bullshit that the frat motto was that all brothers know all about their fellow brothers. We were each untied, and told to jerkoff. The last one to cum would be responsible for cleaning the floor. The thought of having to wipe up 20 puddles of goo had me whacking right away. I concentrated on the movie of some guy fucking the shit out of a farmgirl in a haystack, and every time a guy came, the frat would roar and clap. I knew six or seven guys had come already, and I was having trouble nutting because of the crowd, but finally I closed my eyes, felt the tingle build, then nutted on the floor.

The roar went up, and somebody patted me on my ass, and I was handed my clothes. As I dressed I watched the remaining guys furiously jerking off, including Moose. He had the base of his dick in one hand and was furiously palming just the head of his monster dick. Never knew people used different styles, and his was unique. Finally it was down to just him and another kid, and Moose thrust his hips out, and dribbled onto the floor. After the last kid cleaned up the floor, we were given the oath, and became full brothers. We were then taken to the third floor, and shown a lounge room. It had six recliners, a TV, and bookcases. The bookcases were filled with porno magazines and porn betamax. This was the whack room, and we were told it was off limits to all non frat members. We were welcome to use the room whenever we wished. Then we all went back down and drank to our new status.

As my roommate Jake and I walked back to our dorm, we talked about how embarrassed we were. He admitted that he had jerked off a couple of times with friends in High School, but never in front of guys just watching. I asked him what he thought about the whack room, and he said he would probably use it just to see the porn. We talked about the movie we watched while jerking off, and agreed it was hot.

Jake pointed out that at least now that we had seen each other jerk off, that at least doing it in the dorm would be simpler now. I pointed out to him that technically I hadn't seen him jerk off, as he came before me, and was at the other end of the room. When we got back to the dorm, he said he was still horny thinking about the movie, and stripped and started jerking off. Watching him flap his meat got me hard, so I laid on my bed, and started jerking off, I started trying mooses technique, and found it really pleasurable. I commented to Jake that I was doing what Moose did, and he looked over at me, and started doing it too. We talked about how good it felt, and then we both came, cleaned up and went to sleep.

Both of us used the whack room a lot in the beginning, and I quickly got over any shyness of jerking off with others. After a while, the novelty sort of wore off, and by my senior year, I hardly ever went up. But Jake and I jerked off in front of each other, and with each other all the time. We are both married with kids now, but we still jerk off together every year when we go back every year for homecoming, and share a hotel room. And the whack room is still going strong at the frat, except the blu-ray and flatscreen are a definite improvement. Jake and I laughed out loud when at the mixer before the game, we were talking to a short thin boy maybe five foot five and 120 pounds who looked like somebody's little brother from high school, and another kid called out Lets go Moose!



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