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My Four Sons Pt.1

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A surprise from my middle son.


I just learned about your site a few weeks ago from my middle son. In the past two weeks, I have learned quite a few things from all of my sons. I want to say thank you for the candidness of this material. It has allowed me to renew a dying relationship with my boys. You see, I am a widower and have been raising four boys all on my own for the past ten years. From the time their mother died until just recently, we all had become more and more distant, but all of that changed about two weeks ago when Brett, my 17 year old son, caught me masturbating in the bath tub.

I work out of a home office and own several businesses, which are all doing quite well; I am at a point where I can almost say I am retired, which is a blessing. I was home alone two weeks ago and had finished up what little work I do each day. It was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I was feeling horny. (I don't date too much. Women my age find out that I have four boys and they quit calling.) One of the things I liked to do, but hadn't in a while, was draw a hot bath, get out some baby oil and stroke my cock and balls and 'make love to myself' while lying in the bath tub. All of the boys were at school and they all usually go to the mall or whatever after school and don't make their way home until dinner time. (They are all driving age: Tom - 18; Brett - 17; and the twins Shane & Shawn - 16.)

Well, I had drawn my bath, had settled into the tub and I had begun to stroke my cock and balls. Occasionally, I have slid a finger or two into my hole to massage my prostate, but not always. Anyway, I had been bringing myself close to orgasm and then stopping, over and over. I was on my fifth build up when I hear Brett step into my bathroom and say, 'Dad, my car broke down and I had to have it towed back here.'

The way my bathroom is laid out, when he came in, he wasn't able to see me. He went straight across from the door to the toilet, undid his fly and said, 'I gotta piss, you don't mind do you?' At that point his back was to me, and I had stopped jacking and had sat up. I said, 'No, of course not. The tow truck will bill triple-A then, or do you need some cash to pay him; is he waiting?'

Brett said, 'Yeah, he took your triple-A information and left. But I can always use some cash, if you're offering.' He was still pissing, but he turned toward me slightly to make eye contact while talking and that's when he put two and two together. He saw me in a half-filled bathtub with a partial hard-on (I had gone down some, due to the interruption) and a bottle of baby oil. He said, 'Dad, am I interrupting something or are you just excited to see me?' He grinned as his eyes motioned toward my partial hard on.

I don't know what came over me, whether it was the euphoric feeling I had from five build-ups to orgasm and then slowing down or what, but I replied in a way that was uncharacteristic for me, 'Son, you're dreaming if you think that little thing you've got in your hand does anything to excite me.'

Well, I guess being 17 and charged with testosterone caused him to feel challenged by what I said because then he replied, 'Oh, you think this is little! I'm just not hard; you wait a second and I'll show you how 'little' it is. I think I've got you beat by an inch or two.'

I said, 'Well, I'll have you know that I am not hard right now; I started going soft when you charged in here.' I am really only about 7.5 inches when hard and have a bigger than average girth, and at the time when he started this challenge I was probably sporting about 5 inches of semi-wood and my girth was at about 2/3 of its size when hard. But, like I said, with my libido elevated from the unfinished business, this conversation and my son's sudden testosterone charged tirad had me a little intrigued, to say the least, so my cock slowly started to come back to life. I continued, 'But if you feel like you need to prove something, show your old man what you've got.'

By now he had finished pissing and had shaken his penis to get rid of the excess and had flushed the toilet. He turned around with his back toward me and dropped the shorts he was wearing to the floor. He left his boxer shorts on and was stroking his cock through the front opening. After a few seconds (What it would be like to be that age again, to get rock hard almost on command...) he turned around with a hard cock sticking through the opening of his boxers. He stepped out of the shorts of his that were around his ankles and started to move towards me and the bath tub. He said, 'Alright, 'old man' stand up, let's see what YOU'VE got.'

By now, I was completely hard, in fact probably harder than I have been in a long time. I said, 'If we're gonna have a comparative contest, you need to lose the boxers we're gonna examine the whole package, cock and balls!' I stood up.

He dropped his boxers and I was shocked to see that he shaves his balls and trims the patch of pubic hair above his cock. He moved over to the edge of the tub and we were standing face to face, me dripping wet, not quite centered on each other, with our cocks side-by-side but not touching.

I was impressed, I only had him beat by about half an inch or LESS, but I still had him beat...and because my balls had been soaking in a hot tub, they were hanging pretty low.

He said, 'Wow Dad, you are big! I think our cocks look a lot alike though, and it looks like you need to finish what you started.'

He noticed that I had a large string of pre-cum dripping from my piss-slit. I said, 'Yes, I was just about to cum, when you entered.'

He said, 'Well if I don't get a nut now, I'll have a case of blue balls that won't quit. Do you mind if I use some of this baby oil and get-off with you?'

I was shocked, I had never even given thought to any of my sons masturbating and now one of them is standing in front of me stroking a seven-inch hard-on. I was a little 'weirded out' by the whole scenario, but also somewhat intrigued as well. In the end, my need to finish what I started took priority over any sense of modesty. I said, 'Uh, sure...go ahead.'

Before I had even said that, though, he had already snatched up the bottle of baby oil and had squirted some on his shaft and then playfully squirted a stream in my direction, hitting me on the chest and then swirled the stream downward to land some on my cock. He said, 'Here, you have some too.'

Then he started to stroke his cock really fast, like a jackrabbit, and in about 30 seconds (or less) he said, 'Here it comes...'

In the mean time, I had started doing a slow, twist and pull under-handed technique. When he said, 'Here it comes...' I didn't even have time to move out of the way as a huge jet of semen shot in my direction and hit me on my arm. That did it for me, because I started shooting myself, I just groaned. Three giant shots came out of me and all three of them smacked him hard on the chest, and then some more cum oozed out onto my hand dripped down into the tub.

He said, 'Oh my gosh, Dad, you shoot like a porn-star. How do you have so much?'

I told him that it was because of my technique of building up and then slowing down, over and over and I also told him that I noticed that he yanked his cock like he was mad at it. I asked him how long had he been masturbating, as we were cleaning up with wash cloths. Brett told me that his older brother, Tom, had taught him when he was 13.

I asked him if he had been doing it like that for all of the four years, and he said that he had tried a few other techniques that he read about on Solotouch.com.

I asked, 'Solotouch.com?'

He said, 'Yeah, come to my room and I'll show you.'

So I wrapped a towel around my waist and he just picked up his boxers and shorts off of the floor and went swinging-dick out ahead of me to lead me to his room. (I swear, I didn't know my child exuded that much sexuality...It was all such a surprise to me...)

We got to his room and he led me to his computer which was on, he said it stayed on. He clicked on his address bar history and clicked on the solotouch entry and up popped this site. He then showed me some of the places like the stories and techniques. He volunteered, 'If you're a little weirded out about jacking-off with your son, don't be...here let me show you.'

And then he showed me some of the stories about fathers and sons. I was still a little shocked about the whole thing, but he read a couple of the stories out loud and I thought to myself, 'This is a very unique moment for me and my son. Depending on how I handle this situation, it could have lasting, positive or negative effects.' So, I sat there on the corner of his bed, while he sat in his desk chair (still with no pants on...) reading me these stories.

I noticed his cock started to get hard again. (If only I were that young again.) He said, 'Dad, I need to get off again, do you mind?'

I said, 'No, I'll leave, we can talk later.'

He said, 'You don't have to leave. It won't take me long.'

I said, 'Perhaps if you slowed down, long enough to enjoy it, you wouldn't have to do it as often. I thought you said you learned about other techniques on this site.'

He said, 'Well to be honest, I spend more time reading the stories and jacking off quickly, than reading the techniques.'

So I said, 'Well let me show you then. Like some of the other Dad's have done for their boys.' And with that we spent the next fifteen minutes with a slow stroke lesson; I didn't come, but he did. Fifteen minutes was a lot better than his 30-second torture sessions. I told him if he kept practising, he would be able to have a good jack-off session that would leave him feeling completely satisfied.

He thanked me and said that he was glad that we had spent this time together. He said he wished we could have talked like this for a few years now. I told him that I knew, we all had grown apart over the last few years, and that none of us talked to each other very much.

He said that he noticed that I didn't date very often. He asked if that is why I know how to make myself 'completely satisfied.' I told him that he was probably correct, but I hadn't given it that much thought. I was too focused on providing a good lifestyle for us. I told him I should have spent some more time with him and his brothers.

I then asked him how did Tom show him how to masturbate? He said that it was kind of an accidental thing, like when he just walked in on me. Tom was 14 and Brett was 13 at the time. He said that Tom was looking at a catalog that had women modeling underwear and was stroking his cock like mad, and that when Brett walked in to Tom's room that Tom was shooting his load. He said that Tom was a little mad at first, but quickly got real cool about it and explained what he was doing. Brett said that a friend had shown Tom and that they had done it together (Tom and his friend) quite often.

This was troubling for me, only because Tom felt like he had to do something to educate Brett, because I was too distant from them, and had been since their mother died.

I asked Brett about the twins, Shane and Shawn, and he said he didn't know if they were masturbating or not. Brett wasn't as close to the twins as he was to Tom and Tom hadn't been around as much for the twins either. I said, well I guess I need to have a talk with them. Brett said, yeah that would be best. I already knew how I would do it too. (That conversation will be part two of this story.)

I then noticed something. All of the stories that he read to me were of Male-Male nature. And on his computer screen, none of the Male-Female stories had changed colors like the Male-Male stories had. So I asked Brett about that, and that is when he told me that he was gay.

I was really surprised, not that he was gay, but that my reaction to his proclamation was very matter-of-fact like. I said, 'Well, do you have a boy friend?'

That really shocked him, and I could tell it hit a sensitive nerve and caused him to get a little embarrassed because all of this time he had been sitting there with no clothes on (he ditched the shirt during the last session) but now he started to get dressed. He said, 'Well, sort of. I'm talking to a guy named Todd, from my school.'

I asked him if he had ever had sex. He said that he hadn't, he was still a virgin and that only recently had he kissed this guy. (The thought of that gave me some discomfort, but I was the one who brought it up.) He said he didn't want to just sleep with anyone. I thought that was a very wise decision for someone his age to make.

I told him I really appreciated his honesty, and that I loved him regardless of who he dated or fell in love with. (And that I EXPECTED to meet this 'guy, Todd from school.') All in all, though, I just wanted to see him live a happy, full life. And then he came over to me and hugged me, and I had to choke back some tears, because I realized that I hadn't hugged any of my boys in quite some time.

Well from that moment on, I decided that I was going to change things in our household for good. I decided that I was going to be more open with a lot of things, first and foremost with my care for them. Secondly, though we were going to talk more about sex, and I was going to make sure, thanks to the education of your site, that I was more open about masturbation and how healthy and important it is.



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