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My Foreign Exchange Experience

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Reading 'Lars' reminded of so many similarities to my year as an exchange student. Particularly the part about masturbation being natural. It was the exact words the son of the family said to me.


Reading the story about Lars the foreign exchange student, brought back amazing memories for me. In 1998, I was an exchange student to Greece. My host family had twins my age 17, Alexi, a girl and Alec, a boy. They lived in a small town on the coast, near Athens, in a small two bedroom apartment. Alexi had shared a room with Alex, but moved to a small alcove off the living room for the year I was there. There was absolutely no privacy for her, as it was the only common room in the apartment, yet she never complained.

Nudity is not an issue in Greece. The beaches were topless, and most of the sunbathers would strip off their remaining swimwear when they went in the ocean. At the apartment, nudity was common as well. Because of the heat, and no ac, everyone slept nude. They would walk to and from the bathroom nude, without a care. What a change from Utah. In my entire life, I had never seen another adult naked, in 24 hours of arriving in Greece, I had seen four, and by the first weekend trip to the beach, I had seen hundreds. The first breasts I ever saw live in my life were the first morning when I waited outside the bathroom, in my boxers, and Alexi came out with just a towel wrapped around her hair. She greeted me with a smile and good morning, without a care. My jaw dropped, as her perky tits and huge brown nipples bounced toward me, and I stared down at her small thin frame to a very large black vee of pubic hair. I got in the shower and rubbed out my first load on Greek soil with the vision of Alexi as my inspiration. I remained very modest, not just because of my upbringing, but I was circumcised, and I had not seen a single Greek that was. Secondly, while I had blonde hair, my pubic hair was reddish, and sparse. Alec had commented about how red my hair was the first time he saw me nude. It was three months before I exposed myself to anyone else in the family, and gratefully no one else commented. By the time I left, I had become at ease with nudity in the family.

Greek attitude about sex and masturbation was also very open. Every morning Alec arose with an erection, and he made no effort to conceal it. Unlike the Lars story, we never masturbated together, but Alec often jerked off after the lights went off, and made no effort to try and hide it from me. I didn't jerkoff with him in the room for quite a while, maybe three months, and even then it was only if I was unbearably horny. Alec used to come home from school, and casually announce he was going to the room for private time, almost every day. 5 to 10 minutes later he would re-emerge, with no sign of embarrassment. It wasn't long after I was there, that one weekend Alexi, Alec and I were watching a soccer game on TV, and Alec left for private time. When he came back, Alexi said she needed private time, and disappeared into our room. I looked at Alex with disbelief, and quietly asked him if she was going to do what I thought she was doing, and he looked at me puzzled, and I made the universal sign of jerking off, and he just said, of course, it is natural to take care of needs. I immediately got hard thinking about her masturbating on the other side of the wall, picturing her laying on my bed doing herself. She came back about 20 minutes later, plopped back down on the sofa, her nipples still hard and poking out through her white sleeveless t-shirt. I as casually as I could, said (for the first time) I was going for private time, and shut the bedroom door. My boner was straining as I looked at my bed for any signs that Alexi had just cum there. No wet spots, no wrinkles.

I pulled down my shorts and laid down and started jerking off thinking about Alexi fingering herself, and rubbing her perfect large brown nipples. I turned my head to the side, and saw a towel on the laundry basket, and stopped. I went over picked it up, and saw a damp spot in the middle. I inhaled the unmistakeable smell of female juices. I laid down again, the spot over my nose, and came quickly. I cleaned up my chest with the towel, and threw it back into the basket. My ego wouldn't let me return. It had taken me less than two minutes to jerkoff, so I lingered for a respectable amount of time, and went back to the living room, and not a word was spoken. I remember thinking how awesome it was, all three of us had just orgasmed, and only I thought it was titillating. While Alex had private time almost every day, (and after that first Saturday, me too), Alexi only used our room about twice a week. But neither had a problem announcing where they were going, to either me, or their parents, which floored me.

My Greek parents had sex a lot, and made no effort to be quiet about it. Their bed shared the same wall as our beds, and almost nightly they would fuck. She was very verbal, calling George's name, moaning, and would yelp when she orgasmed. There was always a good 20 minutes of foreplay, where Selena would moan and talk to George, then the sound of the bed creaking would begin, as they started to fuck. There would be stops and starts, which I assumed they changed positions, then it would start again. I loved listening to them and the sex noises, and also knowing exactly when each came, Selena by the yelp, George by the last quickening of the thumping on the wall, then silence. I mentioned once to Alec that his parents had a lot of sex, and he shrugged and said yes, they love each other very much, and that was it.

Ah such memories. I'm going to go whack off thinking about Alexi's hot nipples, smell, and black bush.



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