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My First With a Girl!

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Hi everyone I just want to say thanks a lot for all the great stories and I finally got the nerve and time to share one of my own enjoy!

I was invited to a small 'party' of one of my friends and when I arrived, a lot of people were already gone because it was later when I came over. I remember seeing a couple of hot girls in my grade and one a year older and being a horny teenager and all at the time thought about making a move.

I soon got talking to two of the girls who were really good friends and we started to touch base on the concepts of dating and what experiences we had all previously been in. We all shared stories and one of the girls(I'll call her Katie) she began saying how she always wanted to get serious but not go too far. Not wanting the chance to pass by I asked well what about now? She looked at me funny then looked at her friend (I'll call her Sarah) who grinned back. They both said sure why not and we began to walk away from the main crowd and into the woods on a 'walk'.

As soon as we were out of site Katie began kissing me and she soon had my shirt off. I couldn't believe what was happening! I told them that if they wanted to see more of me that I needed to see them. They grinned back and stripped down to their underwear and bra's. This immediately got me a bit hard then almost simultaneously they took off their bras exposing their good size breasts to me(both about C cups and great bodies!)

This got me immediately hard and my boner could be seen by them and they laughed. They soon took off their underwear(both thongs) and by that time I knew I had to do something about my raging hard on! They took off my boxers and asked if they could see me jerk off. I said sure why not. So I began beating good when all of a sudden Sarah asks if she could do it for me. Shocked I almost fainted with happiness. I said sure and both girls began jerking off my six inch cock with pleasure.

I didn't last long and I didn't know what to do about my cum and if they were gonna be grossed out about it so I told them I'm gonna CUM soon and they said okay and picked up the pace. Right before I came, Sarah and Katie pushed their boobs up against my cock and I was CUMMING all over them. The most ever probably about six good strings all over their boobs and faces.

I helped them get it off and boy did their pussy's look good. They both were cumming and boy did it feel great having their pussies contract over my hand and fingers. After some recuperation time from their orgasms, Sarah got her things and left Katie and I alone because she had to leave.

Katie told me that she always wanted to have sex but she wanted to protect her virginity and we both agreed it was a bad idea and she said that she wanted to ride my cock still. I said why not. She put on her thong just in case and had the lips of her pussy caress my cock with each up and down motion. I was soo horny by then and we went at it humping each other for about 20 good minutes all the while I was feeling her tight round ass and her nice boobs and making out with her. I told her I was gonna cum and she told me to let it go and that she wanted me to CUM for her. I lasted another 20 seconds and came all over my chest and she immediately pushed her boobs against it. We both knew that we needed to clean up and I knew of a small river/stream that was about four feet deep close by.

We went over to the stream and jumped in. We swam together for a bit then I went up behind her and stuck my still hard cock between her thighs and I began humping. She turned around and grabbed my cock and started to jack me off again! We began kissing and making out again. All the while I was fingering her pussy and feeling her great ass and boobs. We both came at about the same time and we started to clean up again.

We got our things and kissed some more and relaxed a bit. I thanked her and we both agreed we would have to do something again. We began to walk back when she grabbed me into a hug, kissed me shortly and said I think you forgot something over by the water. She hugged me and left to go home. I knew I had my cell-phone and my wallet but went back anyway. Sure enough Katie left her wet thong full of her pussy juices for me to take!! Boy was this great. I knew I didn't have anything left and I just put them in my pocket and went home.

Hope all liked my story! sorry it was long had to include everything that went on that night! Hope to see some great stories from all of you! Happy Jerkin!



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