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My First Whacks

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I had just turned 14 when I hit puberty. Before that time I had found girls pretty and from the earliest age I had been fascinated by women's breasts, but puberty was like being dropped into a sauna. Fortunately I soon learned how to get temporary relief.

One day, probably two or three weeks after I started getting erections, I was standing in the lunch line at school and suddenly felt something soft and warm pressed into my left elbow. I looked down and saw my elbow was pressed into a rather large breast, and looked up to see one of the girls in my class, a cute blonde girl who had developed a few months before. She just smiled at me and didn't bother to move her breast, but out of embarrassment I pulled my elbow away and moved up a little further in line. For the next hour I was flustered and very hard, but by the end of the next class after lunch I'd gone soft again.

When I was getting ready to go to bed that night, however, I remembered her breast and soon hardened again. I was in the bathroom getting ready to take my nightly bath and stared at my penis, which had never been that hard before; it was fully erect and throbbing, and my balls began to get a bit sore. I figured the hot water would help me relax, so I got in the bath and started soaping up, all the while remembering the pretty blonde girl's breast and her beautiful green eyes when I looked at her. As I began soaping up my crotch, I started gasping and stopped for a second. I then sat on the edge of the tub so that the soap wouldn't wash away and stroked my cock with my fingertips; it was velvety smooth and pulsing, and very sensitive at the tip. I sson closed my eyes and thought of the breast, and soon my thumb and forefinger were coasting up and down my hard shaft through the soap. If anything I got even harder, and soon my hips started thrusting against the tight little ring of my fingers gliding back and forth. As I gasped for breath I moved my right hand faster than I thought possible, and after two minutes my belly spasmed and my first orgasm washed over me. I then lowered myself into the tub and stared at my cock as it quickly softened.

When I went to bed I slept soundly, but woke up with another erection. I had just enough time between breakfast and leaving for the school bus to stand at the bathroom sink and soap up for another quick orgasm; this time, instead of thinking of a breast I stared at myself in the mirror as I pumped away, and especially at the image of my penis in the mirror, red fire-helmet head shaking above my pistoning forefinger and thumb, soap suds spraying everywhere. Soon I came again and cleaned up my cock and the bathroom sink quickly so I wouldn't miss the bus.

When I got to school I noticed the breasts on all of my class teachers and several of my classmates, and the cocks of the guys in gym. Soon I was hot and bothered again, but didn't want to risk getting caught, so I waited until I got home to have another go. I went straight into the bathroom when I got home-at the time I lived with my father, just the two of us, and he was still at work-and poured a hot bath and soaped up while thinking about my teachers. I knew by this time exactly how to bring myself off, but there was another surprise waiting for me: This time when I came the vigorous pulsations of my penis shot out little streams of cum. This time my orgasm finally felt fully complete, but fascinated I had to do it again to explore this new feature. I climbed on the bathroom sink and stared fixedly at my cock in the mirror as I fucked away into my finger and thumb, and was soon rewarded with the sight of sticky cum mixed with the soap suds on the mirror.

After that, for the next two weeks I had the best hygiene of any of my classmates, but one night I found that rubbing my finger and thumb over the soap made a rash on the skin of my staff. I was heartbroken because I couldn't jerk off in the usual way before bed, but when I went to bed I decided to try it without soap. It was a bit tender, but if instead of gliding over the skin of the shaft I grasped it hard and stroked the skin over the shaft it didn't burn. Soon I realized this was much better; the feeling of my whole fist around my shaft was even better than gliding fingers, and the feel of my hard shaft in my fist was an added treat. Soon I sprayed a massive load up to my chest and neck as I fantasized about holding another boy's hard penis in each hand, and as I caught my breath afterwards I said to myself that I'd really found heaven now.



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