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My First Try

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I was only going to tease but it turned into something more


Well last night I hung out with two of my closest friends, one a girl and the other a guy. Anyway, we'd been joking with each other about sex and masturbation and all that and we were all pretty much horny a f**k! We were walking around our college campus and it was freezing so at one point we sat on the steps and huddled together. I layed across his lap with my elbow kinda near his um... area. I started rubbing his leg, not really thinking of it, and I felt something kinda move against my arm when I moved it a certain way.

I did it again and it was his dick literally pulsing! I nearly came, lol! I'm a virgin in every way you can think of and I've never even seen a penis in real life so you can imagine my excitement when I had a nice, and seemingly pretty big one, within grabbing distance. The only problem was that my girl friend was right there on the other side of him. There definately wasn't going to be anything happening. So for a while I just kept rubbing my arm against him. It really wasn't enough for me though. I wanted to do more! to play!

So I started to 'complain' how cold it was. I suggested we go and sit in the back of his car. Its a lot darker and I knew I'd be able to position myself better. Anyway, we got in the car with him in the middle again and I layed my head on his knee and wrapped my arm kinda under his leg. I rubbed slowly up the bottom of his thigh until I found my prize. The way I was laying on him I made his dick aim downward. Unfortunately I was only able to rub his head but he seemed to be enjoying it. I made sure I rubbed in little circles around it and gave it a nice squeeze every now and then.

He nearly jumped out of the seat when I rubbed him right in the little slit. When I think back on it, its kinda funny because my friend kept making jokes and I had to keep her talking so she wouldn't hear the sound of me rubbing his jeans or him breathing so hard. There was one point were she even commented on it! Oh I loved it! I kept rubbing him and making little sighing sounds and his breathing kept up at a face pace. The best part is when my friend made a joke about the windows being fogged and that people might think we're having a threesome in the back and I started calling his name in an orgasmic voice and he literally lifted out of his seat and grunted. He made it sound like a yawn but omg it was amazing! I for the second time nearly came! lol. Anyway, after that we had to stop because it was just way too late and we all had classes in the morning. But I can definately say that that was in my top five of best nights!!!



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