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My First True Bi Session

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My First True Bi Session
I have enjoyed masturbating for as long as I can remember (essentially as long as I've been able). My first experiences were alone, but I followed those up by masturbating with other male friends for many years. I also enjoyed many years of mutual masturbation with my girlfriend in college, but had never done it in mixed company. But this all changed one hot summer afternoon in July.
My girlfriend Denise (the one with whom I enjoyed mutual masturbation) and I were staying at her parent's house for a week over summer break. Her parents both worked the evening shift (3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.), and we put this time to good use. We had sex indoors and out, naked and partially clothed, and explored our newly found enjoyment of mutual masturbation.
Toward the end of the week, Denise's sister's boyfriend dropped by the house to see his girlfriend. Denise's sister wouldn't be home for a few hours, and Denise and I were quite upset that we would have to wait to get off. Although Scott had a smallish build, he was an attractive guy, and I had often wondered what he would look like naked. I hadn't told Denise this - in fact I hadn't told her about my experiences with men. But the afternoon was warm and, plain and simply, I was horny as hell.
We had been outside and were cooling off in the living room. Scott had excused himself, and I was playfully grabbing at Denise's wonderfully shaped ass. Denise told me how horny she was as well, and I decided it might be time to tell her about my experiences with guys. I took a deep breath, and nervously and quickly told her about my first masturbation session with my friend Dave. She was very quiet, but she was breathing hard and quite flushed. She paused for a moment, and then told me it was the hottest thing she had ever heard, and that the thought of me jerking off with another guy was getting her very hot. She had to see it!
I mentioned that I thought Scott was pretty good looking, and we put our minds to work figuring a way to get Scott naked and jacking off with us. Before we could give it two thoughts, Scott was back. He had taken off his shirt to cool off. Denise looked at me with a gleam in her eye and removed her bikini top, to "cool off" as well. This really didn't shock Scott as Denise was something of an exhibitionist, but I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable. Without missing a beat I removed my shirt as well, and we sat there for a while topless, making small talk.
I couldn't take much more of this, and decided to make the next move. I excused myself to get a soda, and while in the kitchen removed my shorts and underwear. I really couldn't believe I was doing this. So with a deep breath, a cold soda, and all the courage I could muster, I marched into the living room, announcing that I had taken another step to "cool off." Scott stared with disbelief at my erect cock as it just hung out there. He was very nervous, and I was frozen in my tracks. I thought I had gone too far.
Denise took control and told Scott that he had interrupted our jack-off session, and we were both so incredibly horny that we had to do something about it. She stood up and slithered out of her bikini bottoms, exposing her sweet pussy to both of us. She sat back down and had me sit down beside her. She told Scott that we would like to be watched, and had him sit on the coffee table directly in front of us. Denise spread her legs, and rubbed her hand around her lips before slipping her middle finger into her dripping vagina. Scott and I both watched as she began frigging herself with increasing intensity while pinching her erect nipples with her other hand. Watching her juices flowing onto the couch put me over the top, and I came without even touching myself. Scott stared as cum flew from my dick and landed on Denise and I. Denise slowed down, and I grabbed a towel to clean myself up with.
When I came back from the hallway, Scott was still watching Denise while she rubbed herself with ever-increasing passion. I could see the outline of Scott's erection in his shorts, and told him that we wouldn't mind at all if he relieved himself. He quickly stood and dropped his shorts in almost one fluid motion. His long, thin dick jumped to life, and he sat back down on the coffee table and began stroking himself with long, strong strokes, never taking his eyes off of Denise. This was the opportunity I had been looking for, and I casually sat down next to him on the table.
The anticipation of this moment had brought my penis back to its erect state, and I massaged my sack and assessed the situation. Denise was looking at me with anticipation, and I became very nervous once again. I didn't to shock Scott, but I dragged the fingers of my right hand across the top of Scott's thigh, and began lightly stroking his balls as he jerked-off. He was intently into the moment, and moved closer to me on the table. Denise's pace was becoming frantic, and I knew this was getting her even hotter. I grabbed Scott's left hand, guided it to my swollen member, and began moving it up and down. He took over, and I moved my right hand back over to his dick and grabbed onto it as he released it. Denise began shaking with a huge orgasm and couldn't take her eyes off of the scene in front of her.
Scott and I quickened our pace as Denise came again and again. I couldn't believe I was jerking off another guy right there in front of her. We continued to stroke each other's cocks, and I noticed that Scott was tightening his ass in anticipation of his orgasm. I jerked him off as fast as I could and he shot his cum everywhere. It was a huge explosion and he kept cumming for quite a while. As his orgasm subsided, he continued jerking me off. Denise got down on the floor between my legs to get a closer look as I came again. There wasn't much this time, but it was an intense orgasm nonetheless.
We slowly came around, cleaned up, got dressed, and continued as if nothing had happened. We never brought it up with Scott again, but Denise and I got off thinking about many times.
I would love to exchange more stories with both men and women. I want to hear your comments, and I am interested in exchanging masturbation pictures with women and men. Let me know if you have any special picture requests, and don't forget to send one of yourself. Reach me at



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