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My First Touch

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It was a lovely night, the day having been spent with the woman I had decided to marry. We had been together on the beach all afternoon, and walked and talked along the beach as we dreamed of a future together.

We spent most of day longing for the time when we would be united in marriage and belong to each other. We were in love and we wanted to share our lives and futures. It was the centre of every discussion. While we were very honest about all things, including looking forward to a dynamic sex life once married, we had not done much more than kiss passionately and embrace closely, as we got to know each other. I had never touched a woman before, although she had tasted the pleasure of being caressed by her previous boyfriend, a fact I was not aware of at this time.

We were staying at my father's farmhouse and after bathing she went to bed, waiting for me to bathe and then kiss her good night. She had on a silky set of short apricot pyjamas, with lovely bikini panties matched by a slightly see-through top.

I kissed her good night and after some soft, sensuous kisses we began to talk about our future. Somehow the conversation turned to sex, her asking if I knew that a woman's breasts effected the level of her sexual enjoyment and that a woman's clitoris played a role in her climax. I didn't know that a woman had a clitoris and I asked if I could feel what it was like. She said that I could, but would I like to feel her breasts as well.

Being nineteen and madly in love with her, I smiled and accepted her offer. I had a raging erection and put my hand under her top and for the first time gently rolled my hand over her two beautiful breasts. Her nipples jumped to attention, although I really did not realize the impact that my gentle caresses had on her.

After a few minutes of feeling her breasts she invited me to feel her clitoris. I was curious, so although very aroused, responded to her request as a part of our discussion about a woman's anatomy and not with the intent to caress her. I gingerly pushed my hand under her panties and under her direction felt her lips as she directed me to her clitoris. I noticed how slippery and moist she was, but did not know at the time that this was due to her state of arousal. I was trying to be matter of fact about what I was learning, and she was not aware of how intensely aroused I was. She did not want to act out of sync with me and although she was dying to be caressed, she did not ask me to do. I was too naïve to know that she needed it, or to realise she would want me to caress her. We were very guarded with each other due to our upbringing and our convictions. After a few phenomenal and delightful minutes of feeling the sensuous warmth of my young love's genitals, I pulled my hand away and deeply kissed her good night.

She pulled me back and whispered in my ear that she would like me to lie next to her, so she could kiss me good night. I got onto the bed next to her and she immediately pushed me gently onto my back, rolling on top of me. She said that she loved me and began to deeply French kiss me as she often did. Then I noticed she had her pussy against my raging hard on. As she kissed me she began to rock her clitoris up and down my hard member and within a few minutes of this concentrated kissing and squirming she shuddered, moaning lightly as she thrust herself to an intense orgasm.

She looked at me with a glowing face and told me softly that she had just come to a climax. She felt bad as we were delaying sex until marriage and had not engaged in any petting. She said that she was sorry and I told her that it was okay. I held her close and we kissed again to say good night.

As I lay next her, I thought about what had just happened. I realized that if it were not for my shorts and her panties, we would have been making love to each other. I wanted her so badly and wanted to be satisfied by her touch and her beauty. I loved her so deeply and knew that one day I would be able to delight and be delighted by her. As I left to go to my bedroom I stopped in the bathroom and had no choice but to caress myself to a most unbelievable orgasm. My semen sprayed all over as I gasped to a climax like none that I ever experienced before.

As I went to sleep that night, I realized how much I loved this woman. I was now a lot less naive and innocent than I had been before this memorable experience.



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