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My First Time...(Connie sequel)

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I received some nice feedback on my original story (thanks Maxine and Rob) which inspired me to share more of my masturbation experiences. Hope you enjoy.


I submitted my first true story to this site on June 2, 2005 titled 'My First Time'. You may want to click on the above link and read that first if you did not previously see it. It will fill you in on a bit of my background and give you a reference point for my experience in the following story. Trust me that all the details are true. I also posted a couple of comments in the specific contribution comment section of Solo Touch for June that fills in a couple of the blanks about myself. To Maxine and Rob, I hope you're 'ready' to enjoy. Well here goes...

I shared a little background information on myself in my first contribution that I will expand on. I would like to share details that I hope enhance the enjoyment of anyone who might read this. Bear with me, hopefully it will be worth your while.

I shared in my original story that I lived in a small farming community in upstate New York. I was in my early teens at the time. I am now 37 years old and it would have been the early 1980's when this was happening in my life. I looked then much like I still do. Of course the years have brought a maturity to my physical appearance. I am 5'2' and keep my weight between 112-120lbs (yes, that becomes more difficult the older I get). I have blondish/brown natural color hair and blue eyes. My breasts are a nice 34B with light brown quarter size nipples and a shapely ass that I still receive compliments on. I have been told many times through the years that I have a striking resemblance to a famous singer/actress. I am being totally honest with the descripton of myself and I truly hope I don't come off as sounding vain. I just want to give a more specific image of myself to anyone who might read this.

I was being raised on a small dairy farm at the time (yes, a farmer's daughter). I was the youngest of three children, a brother six years older and a sister that was four years older than me. We lived in a large house and I was pretty much raised as an only child through my teen years as my brother and sister had moved on to the military and college respectively just as I was entering my early teens. I didn't mind that at all. My parents were conservative people and quite strict in how I was raised. I went to a local high school that had only 74 students in the class I was in. I did say it was a small community, didn't I? I had two best girlfriends in high school, one of them being the girlfriend I mentioned in my first story. Both of these friends were a couple of years older than me. I was a bit shy and introverted as a teenager but not overly so. Also, a bit of a tomboy (hey, it was a farm I was being raised on) but also had a lot of 'femininity' in me. As I went through high school I got my fair share of 'male' attention, although you must realize, in a small community like the one I grew up in there were only so many boys. I had a semi-serious boyfriend in my late junior and senior years in high school. My parents were a bit restrictive on how much time I could spend with him, however. Okay, Connie, perhaps a little too much information here, let's move on! I'll pick up from where my first story stopped.

I woke up the morning after 'My First Time' orgasm. It was not a school day and my bed was 'toasty' warm, which was especially nice since it was wintertime outside. It took a minute or two to acclimatise myself to being awake. As I came out of my slumber thoughts of what I had done the night before flooded back into my mind. I'm sure a huge smile plastered my face. Just a few hours earlier I had experienced the first orgasm of my life. Would anyone like to share what could be better than that? Didn't think so. My bedroom was in the upstairs of our two-story house. My parents' bedroom was downstairs and I had the second floor to myself since my brother and sister had all ready moved on to the army and college. Not a bad set-up for me. I had all the privacy a girl that age could want and obviously it worked out very well for me during the rest of my high school years and the private nocturnal pleasures I would indulge in during that time period. As I laid in my bed that morning I considered what I had done the night before. I did not feel the least bit guilty, perhaps because my girlfriend had already shared with me that she 'played with herself' and actually had instructed me how to do 'it'. I guess that would make it her fault, right? I didn't then nor have I ever gone on the guilt trip about masturbation, I'm not sure I have ever understood that, or the fact of how many women will go to any length to deny they masturbate. I have always had a grudging admiration for the way that men are so open about it. Hey, ladies, almost all of us do it, dont't be shy. So anyway...

As I lay in my bed that morning I became aware of a slight sensitive and tender feeling in my genital area. I raised my right hand, fingers to my nose and detected a bittersweet scent that was on my fingers from the night before. I decided I liked the smell and then slipped my fingers in my mouth to taste. A bit salty but not unpleasant. To this day I will still smell my fingers and taste them after masturbating. No apologies, I just like it. What I didn't know on this 'morning after' is how frequently I would be able to self-induce this wonderful feeling of orgasm. Would now, be too soon? I decided to find out.....

I moved my hands down my young body. I paused briefly at my breasts and gently squeezed the nipples on my breasts with my hands. As I mentioned in my first story my breasts have never been especially sensitive to the touch, just a mildly pleasant feeling and my nipples do stiffen when fondled. I spent only a brief minute or so touching my breasts and then dropped my right hand further down, across my stomach and gently placed it on my pussy. It was a bit sensitive to my touch. Again, you have to realize this was all brand new to me and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was dry down there. I probed gently with my index and middle fingers on my right hand. I felt the soft texture of pussy lips (the outer lips of my pussy, my labia are a bit larger than the norm, I didn't know this at the time and it wasn't till later on that I realized that my labia was a bit thicker and longer than most women, not unusually so, but larger than most). I took my right pussy lip between my thumb and index finger and gently massaged it. I dropped my left hand down and did the same thing to my left pussy lip. It felt nice. I rolled and tugged gently on my pussy lips. This set a pattern of how to this day I begin my masturbation sessions.

A minute or two passed and my manipulations caused a moistness to commence from the slit of my pussy. Just like the night before. I did notice that I was a bit more sensitive, obviously as a result of my previous nights activity. There wasn't quite enough moisture coming from my pussy yet so I brought my right hand to my mouth and wet my fingers with the saliva in my mouth. I also took another quick smell of my fingers. Very nice! I brought my right hand back down and gently spread my saliva around my pussy. I slipped my right index finger inside my opening (I was still a virgin) and slid it in and out of myself. I guess you could say I was experimenting as I went along. So much to discover at this point in time. The moisture from my pussy was more noticeable. This is a good thing, I thought to myself. Now to apply my discovery from the night before.

I brought the finger out of my pussy, put it together with my middle finger and probed for the 'nub' at the top of my pussy. Yes, it was still there! Imagine that! As I had discovered the night before my clit was too sensitive to rub directly so I folded my right labia lip over it and slowly began to manipulate my clitoris. Oh my, this felt sooooo good! As I began to rub I could hear a slight squishing sound as a result of the moisture and my fingers gliding over myself. I liked the sound, I found it erotic at the time and I still do. It enhances my pleasure. Again, no apologies. I continued my ministrations. Without realizing it my mind wandered to my girlfriend that had told me about this absolutely delightful self-indulgence. Almost subconsciously I pictured what she must look like when she 'did it to herself'. I pictured her with her hand between her legs, rapidly rubbing herself to bring on the pleasure of her own orgasm.

I blushed to myself as I realized what I was thinking. Where did that come from? However the thought of her 'doing herself' heightened my arousal. I became aware of my clitoris becoming more enlarged (I would describe my clitoris as being about the size of a large pea, not too big, not too small. It definitely becomes bigger when I am aroused). I seemed to be much more sensitive than the night before and because I now knew what the 'payoff' of my manipulations were going to be I surely was not going to stop. I was aware of my 'squishing' sound, I was aware of my enlarged clit, I was aware of my engorged pussy lips. Like the night before the sensations between my legs became stronger and more intense. I was getting closer to the edge and going over. As I got close to my orgasm I briefly stopped, I hadn't the night before. (As I became more adept at my masturbation practice I self-discovered 'edging' and would, and still do stop several times just short of orgasm to make it more intense when I come. You know what I mean, don't you, Maxine?)

As I stopped, I dropped my finger down to my opening and slid it inside, I was drenched. My virgin opening was so tight and slippery. A thought occurred to me. Would two of my fingers slip inside? I hesitated before bringing my index and middle fingers together. I probed my opening and slowly pressed up....oohh! Quite a tight fit but I worked them inside and it felt good. I moved them in and out several times. I became more excited. I brought these fingers back out and decided it was time to reach my completion for only the second time in my life. I brought my index and middle finger over the outside of my right lip, I began to rapidly flick my clitoris under the soft covering of my labia. I was so close and ready to go over the edge just like the night before. Just as I was reaching my peak an image of my girlfriend having her own orgasm flickered through my mind, that did it. I went over the edge and my first spasm raised my back off the bed, involuntarily. I could sense a moan coming from deep inside me...spasm, after spasm after spasm shook my body and I gasped out loud again and again. More intense than the night before. Sweet, sweet, sweet bliss!!

The spasms subsided. My entire body was soaked underneath the covers. I could feel myself collapse on my mattress, my breathing slowly returning to normal. I blushed once again as I remember my thoughts as my orgasm overtook me. I also was once more thankful that one very nice girlfriend had introduced me to this wonderful self-pleasure. Actually, the day would come in the future when the two girlfriends I mentioned above, and I, would have some interesting sleepovers with same room masturbation (it didn't turn into any lesbian acts, but quite erotic nonetheless). That would be a story for another time, however. As for right now, I am absolutely 'drenched' and must attend to that promptly!

So I come to the end of my second 'Connie' experience. Perhaps it is much too long, I don't know. I have always found a certain eroticism in the more in-depth details of a sexual experience. I have always enjoyed true life experiences when it comes to sexual stories as opposed to fiction. I can assure you that the above is factual to the best of my re-collection. As I mentioned at the end of 'My First Time' story I am a 37-year-old heterosexual woman. I live a quite normal life which I may expand on if I contribute in the future. My biggest sexual turn-on is both female and male masturbation. Quite harmless, I think. The Solo Touch site has provided me with many arousing experiences. Any comments on this story or my first story can be left in the 'Specific Contribution' section in the Comments area of this web-site. I check that on a regular basis. I suppose that any future contributions I make would be based on whether there are any readers out there that have enjoyed these stories. Both female and male input would be appreciated. I especially enjoy 'true experiences' of solo female or male masturbation and also experiences of two females masturbating in the presence of each other. Once again, although I am not gay, for some reason other women's masturbation experiences and practices fascinate me. First orgasm experiences also can make me 'wet' quite easily. Let me know what you thought of this contribution.




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