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My First Time With a Woman

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When I was in college, I was friends with a woman two years ahead of me, a beautiful Italian-American woman. Sofia had jet black hair, brown eyes, and a plump, firm, healthy body, very busty and wide-hipped. By the time I was a sophomore, we were close friends, and one evening I went to her room after she got back from a job interview. She was wearing a black skirt and grey sweater, and she lay down on the bed and I started massaging her feet. We were both a bit turned on, and soon started talking very explicitly about our sex lives. At that time I had only played with the breasts of two women and kissed several others, while she had started having sex in high school.

As she relaxed I started massaging more of her body; she just sighed and said, 'Oh God, don't stop.' After about twenty minutes of explicit conversation in which I told her all about my masturbation, I was massaging her shoulders and asked, 'Can I massage your breasts?' She took a breath and said, 'Do you want to?' I said yes and worked my hands down to her soft, massive breasts. They were enclosed in a bra under a thick sweater, but I still felt her hard nipples pushing into my palms as I held them for the first time. I then rubbed, squeezed, and caressed them as she told me about her experiences with oral sex. When I made to lift her sweater, however, she shook her head.

After ten minutes she rolled over so I could massage her back. By this time we were silent, and I lifted up her sweater in the back to massage her back more deeply. She simply sighed and said, 'Perfect.' After ten minutes I could no longer ignore her breasts and reached under her bra strap in the back and down her sides to hold her breasts inside her bra. She chuckled and said, 'I wondered when you'd do that,' and I chuckled too as I held her hard nipples in my hands and squeezed her wondrous breasts. She rolled over again a few minutes later and I lifted her sweater and bra up under her armpits and gazed on her soft white breasts; they were a bit flabby and had dark brown aureolas and nipples sticking out a quarter inch. I sighed and soon started kissing them, and she breathed heavily and lay there with her neck a bit stiff.

Soon I realized her hips were thrusting slightly, and I reached down to the waistband of her skirt and slipped my fingers under. She asked, 'What are you doing?' with a slight laugh in her tone, and I said, 'What do you think I'm doing?' Soon my fingers were at the thick wet mass of hair above her mound, and as my fingers slipped lower she and I both gasped. Her pussy was drenched, and her lips were wide open and swollen. She reached down and guided my hand to the preferred place, and I rubbed my hand over her lips and pressed my palm to her mound. She simply lay back and moaned directions, 'Faster, harder, put a finger inside,' and soon she was thrusting up against my hand in the same way I fucked my fist every night. After five minutes she gave a strangled little cry and pushed her ass six inches in the air; her pussy squeezed my finger tightly and her thighs closed shut around my hand. After seven or eight spasms, she lay back limp and pushed my hand away. She said, 'Congratulations, you've given a woman an orgasm.'

After a couple of minutes she roused herself and reached over to caress the massive erection in my pants. I pulled off my pants and knelt by her as she stroked my cock. 'I see you're really ready,' she laughed as she rubbed the precum around the head, and I said, 'I'm as close as you were,' and she laughed again and said, 'You really love my breasts. I want to jerk you off on them. Can I?' I said, 'If you don't, I will.' She laughed and pulled me to where I was on my knees above her ribs, the head of my penis over the valley between her breasts. With her right hand she grasped my shaft firmly and stroked, and with her left hand she caressed my balls, and all the while she murmured sweet words about how hard and hot my cock was as I reached down and caressed and squeezed her tits. 'Tell me when you're close,' she said, and I nodded. 'Faster,' I said, and she sped up; she was very skillful and had good reason to brag earlier that she was a master of handjobs. AS she stroked my cock I watched her breasts moving seductively side to side and simply stared at them as she stroked me hard.

I soon said, 'I'm about to come,' and she said, 'Between my tits, do it, spurt on me, baby.' I crouched down and right as I started to come she pulled my cock between her breasts and squeezed them tight as I erupted. I let loose with probably a dozen spurts, the first shooting up into her hair and onto her ear, and streams of cum spurted up to her neck and chin and rolled across her chest and down both sides of her neck. She lay there a bit stunned and said, 'You really DO love my breasts, don't you?' I said they were unimaginably beautiful, and she said, 'I know, especially with your cum all around them, right?' I had to admit she was right, and she laughed and said that I had come more than any other man who had ever titfucked her. I asked her if she liked titfucking, and she said, 'If the man likes it, yes. He has to be turned on by it, and then I'm right there with him. But otherwise it's nothing special.' I asked, 'Did you like it tonight?' She stroked my cheek and said, 'I loved it. You were so hot, I had to give my tits to you. The look on your face as you came nearly made me cum.' As we lay side by side, she stroked my soft cock as I rubbed my cum all over her breasts; she whispered, 'Coat them, drench them, it really turns me on when you do it, show me how much you love my tits.' Soon I was hard again and she said it was time for my other lessons-but that's for another site.



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