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My First Time Was In a Tent

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At age 11, my best friend was a boy up the street who was about a year and a half older than me. His name was Max. At that age, it is more normal for an older boy to not want to hang out with a younger one, but we were the only boys anywhere near our age in the neighborhood, so we kind of grew up together. I liked him, and he always treated me very nicely. He was always touching me - nothing of a sexual nature, but little caresses, gently squeezing my shoulder, sitting on the couch watching TV with his leg up against mine, stuff like that. I liked it. I always felt warm inside when he was touching me like that.
He joined Boy Scouts when he turned 11. I couldn't wait to do the same, as I saw him going off on all kinds of adventures. When I finally turned 11, I joined up too, and we immediately became tent-mates on the monthly camping trips. We had always had a lot of sleepovers at each other's houses, so it was just the natural thing to do.
The last camping trip of the year was in November, and it got pretty cold. We sat around a fire at night keeping warm, and when it was time for bed, Max suggested we zip our sleeping bags together to help us keep warm. I quickly agreed, since I was afraid it was going to be a cold night. Luckily we had identical sleeping bags, so that wasn't a problem.
We zipped them together then climbed in, shivering. Pretty soon the Scoutmaster came around and warned us not to sleep in the clothes we'd been in all day because they were full of moisture and would make us cold during the night. He said it was better to sleep with nothing on than in damp clothes. So Max and I disrobed inside the bag. I was surprised to see that he even removed his underwear, which gave me a delicious little naughty feeling, so I did too.
So here we were, naked in the same sleeping bag. Max put his leg up against mine like he so often did, and it felt really neat. 'If we lie against each other, we'll warm up faster,' he said, and rolled over onto his side, pressing into me. I was surprised to feel myself getting a boner because it felt so nice, and naughty to boot. I was afraid of Max feeling it, so didn't roll toward him. But soon I felt a hard little projection pressing into my hip, and I knew he had one, too. That was strangely exciting to me. Pretty soon we were rubbing our boners against each other, and it felt really good. This was an entirely new sensation for me; I'd never played naked games with anyone else before, though I did sometimes by myself. I felt a kind of arousal that I'd never felt before.
Soon Max's hand started roaming all over my body. He caressed my neck and collarbone, then my chest and stomach, and then felt around my crotch. He finally got to my penis and balls, and gently felt them and played with them. I did the same to him, and it was neat to feel his hardness - the first I'd ever felt besides my own.
Max then gripped my penis between his thumb and forefinger, and started rubbing up and down and rotating around, stimulating me just below the head of my penis. It felt wonderful. 'You ever do this to yourself?' he whispered.
'No, but it feels good,' I replied.
'Let me do this for a while and you'll see how good it can feel.' He kept doing it for maybe five minutes, and I could feel an irresistible tension forming. I could tell something was going to happen, but didn't know what. He could sense I was getting close, and held on a little tighter and rubbed a little faster, and suddenly it hit me. I felt a throbbing that felt better than anything I'd ever felt before. I was completely tense, and the waves of pleasure engulfed me. I cried out, and Max shushed me, but I was breathing hard enough that I was sure the guys in the next tent could hear me. But I couldn't help it.
I finally calmed down, and Max let go of me and instead gripped his own penis. He was kind of half rubbing it and half humping me in my groin where my leg met my lower stomach. He didn't last long, and tensed and lay still, pushing into me, and I could feel his penis jerking. And when it jerked, little jets of warm, thick liquid shot out all over my penis and balls. He was moaning softly, saying it felt so, so good. He was out of breath just like I had been.
We just lay there like that for a few minutes, and then he grabbed his underwear and wiped us off. 'You like that?' he asked.
'Yeah, that felt great. I've never felt anything like it. How'd you learn to do that?'
'My cousin taught me that two years ago. I do it all the time. I've wanted to do it with you, but could never get up the nerve to try until tonight. Being told to take off our clothes was perfect.'
Well, we did a lot of feeling and rubbing that night, and never did get cold. It was a good way to keep warm. And before we got up in the morning we did it again, so were nice and warm while we got dressed. The funny part is that the semen he'd wiped up with his dirty underwear was frozen, so they were stiff when he used them to wipe up again.
Now that the ice was broken (no pun intended), we started doing that whenever we could. We had several years of great sex play until he went away to college and left me to do it alone.



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