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My First Time Was Alone

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Here's my first time story.


I see a lot of guys find out about masturbation from friends or relatives, sometimes by accident, sometimes purposely by others, and some discover it by themselves. I haven't tried to keep track, but it seems to be about 50-50. I happen to be one of those who discovered it by myself. I am also struck by how many guys don't discover it until well into puberty, or even later, and feel a little sorry for them since they missed a lot of fun and pleasure for many years. I'm glad I discovered it early.
I don't remember the exact age, but I think it was about 8. Could have been 7. As far back as I can remember, I loved to play 'naked games' when I could get alone. That of course wasn't very often, but if my mother was busy upstairs, I'd go down to the basement and get naked and run around. It felt so good to be free. My mother almost caught me several times, and I can remember frantically pulling my clothes back on just in time. One time I had to hide as my mother walked through the family room to the laundry. That is the first time I noticed I had a boner, and I was scared silly that my mother would catch me like that. It would have been bad enough being caught naked, but for some reason I knew the boner would make it worse. You see, my mother definitely didn't approve of nudity, and made that known in no uncertain terms. I think that is a major reason I enjoyed it so much -- I was doing something forbidden.
The other place I could get naked was in bed after my mother said good night. As soon as she would leave the room, I'd slip my PJs off and revel in my nakedness. I enjoyed rubbing my hard little penis on the bed, the pillow, the sheets, everything.
It was, as I said, when I was about 8 that it first happened. I was naked in bed, laying flat on my stomach rubbing my hard little boner on the mattress, when it started to feel really good -- different from the normal good feeling. I kept doing it, and felt something was happening, and then it did. I can remember that wonderful pulsing sensation in my penis and groin, and it felt soooo good! As I relaxed, panting, I realized I was on to something good.
The next night I tried it again, and it worked, and that became my nightly ritual. I think it was some time before I tried it during the daytime. My mother was busy upstairs, so I got naked downstairs, and lay on the couch, and rubbed myself off. Boy, that was neat.
I eventually found that it felt even better to lay on top of my pillow, make a groove for my penis, and rub in that. I had my regular pillow on my bed, a good foam pillow in the family room that I used a lot, and an old foam pillow hidden in the attic of the garage that I used when I could.
So, from about age 7 or 8, I was a confirmed and frequent masturbator. I figured other boys must have been doing it, too, but never saw any evidence of it until I was about 13 and I caught a friend doing the same thing I did. It was embarrassing for us both, but we were both OK with it. He admitted that he had learned from me when he saw me doing it one day when he came over and saw me doing it through the sliding glass door to the family room when we were about 10 or so. He said he watched until it was obvious that something felt really good, then he left and came back about a half hour later, not letting on that he'd seen anything. He had tried it that night in his own bedroom, and had been doing it ever since. I had no idea anyone had ever seen me doing that, and wondered if anyone else had spied on me like that!



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