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My First Time Touching a Girl

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The first time I touched a girl. It was the beginning of my sexual life.


I've been masturbating since I was 13. At that age it was mostly fantasies about different girls and jacking off to my dad's Playboy magazines. Until I was 17 and everything changed.

There were five or six teenage boys around my age in the subdivision I lived in and naturally we all hung out together. We talked about girls (what else) but never masturbated together. I suspect though, that after some of our conversations we went home and took care of business. I was and still am kind of a shy guy and up until that point had only danced with girls at the local VFW hall where they had a 'Teen Town' every Thursday night. One of the guys I hung around with had a younger sister. She was 13 and very well developed for her age. I never gave her much of a thought because her and her brother were always fighting so I didn't really consider her as a potential date. Besides, she was ONLY 13.

One weekend, four of us guys piled into the car one guy had and eventually picked up three girls. That left me without one so my friend suggested picking up his 13 year old sister. I reluctantly agreed and soon she was sitting next to me. I have to admit, even though she was younger she was kind of cute and as I said before, she didn't look her age physically.

After driving around a while we parked on a little used dark back road and everyone began making out. I began kissing her and soon my tongue found its way into her mouth. She didn't seem to mind so I continued kissing her and eventually put my hand on her breast. There was no resistance on her part so I kneaded and rubbed them through her blouse all the while kissing her deeply. Emboldened by the lack of resistance, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid my hand inside.

Now I was touching bare female skin (her tummy)and fondling her breasts with only the fabric of her bra between my hand and her treasures. I slid my hand around behind her and easily undid the hooks of her bra. I thought it would be harder to do but found it quite easy. Sliding my hand back around front, I lifted her bra up off her breasts and got my first feel of a girls bare breasts. They were pretty large for a 13 year old probably a C cup but had very small nipples. I rubbed them and kneaded them the whole time while we kissed but the nipples never got any bigger or hard. A couple of times I tried to slide my hand up her skirt but she pushed my hand away. Bear in mind there were four couples in the car. Her and I plus another couple in the back seat and two more couples in the front seat so I'm sure she didn't want the others seeing my hand up her skirt. The evening lasted two or three hours and I had a raging hardon the whole time. She never touched it and it never occured to me to place her hand there or I would have. By the time I got home I had the worst case of 'blue balls' I had ever had. I was even afraid to masturbate because it hurt so bad.

A few weeks later her and her brother came by my house. He also had his girfriend with him and we all began to horse around in my back yard. It was dark and at one point, she climbed on my shoulders and I was carrying her around. Just the feel of her pussy pressed up against the back of my neck was almost more than I could handle. Finally, they had to leave and I went inside with another case of blue balls. We never did anything after that, but I have masturbated to both events on many occasions and always fondly remember the sensations I first experienced with her.



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