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My First Time Took a Lot of 'Guts'

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Back when I was 13 years old my family took a trip to Florida and I tried out for a tv show called Guts. There were about 30 boys and girls at the audition and they made us go through some exercises and games to test our skills. Three of us would be chosen to compete in the show's sports events and in the end I was one of them. The other two were another 13-year-old boy named Brian and a girl. They took us and our families to a large room where there was a boys locker room and a girls locker room attached. Our families were asked to stay in the big room until we were all ready for the taping. A guy came in and took mine and Brian's measurements and a lady took the girl's measurements. They left and our families continued to introduce themselves to each other while the three of us introduced ourselves and talked about the sports we like to play. The man and lady came back with our different colored uniforms that were picked out for our sizes and the man told me and Brian that we would find jockstraps and cups of various sizes in the locker room and we should pick out what was right for us. (When I look back on this now, I am quite impressed about how all this was handled. At no time did anyone on the staff see us undressed and our families were right in the next room all the time.) Brian and I headed into the boys locker room where there was a bench, a few lockers, and three shower stalls in another room. There weren't any curtains on the shower stalls but they were separated by walls. Brian and I got undressed in the locker room and we didn't seem embarrassed about being naked together. I was surprised how much hair Brian had under his arms and around his crotch because we were the same age and he had much more than I did. We went over to the rack on the wall and picked out our cups and jockstraps. Brian joked that he was going for the largest one they had and we both laughed and I said 'yeah right'. In the end we both chose a medium because even though he had more hair, our dicks were about the same size.

The games were a lot of fun and Brian won. I came in third but it didn't matter because we all did our best. We were both surprised that it took several hours to film just a half hour show. But we had swimming gear to change into in the middle and they had to set up all the different events and that took time. We went back to the big room with our families and talked about how much fun we had and we all congratulated Brian on his win. Then Brian and I headed into the locker room to shower and get our regular clothes back on. One of the men had told us that we got to keep all the clothes we wore and that was cool. He gave us each a bag to put them in to take with us. Back in the locker room Brian and I stripped down and we kept talking about how much fun the games were. We were just standing there facing each other and I noticed Brian starting to get hard. Watching his get hard made mine start to go up too. We both looked at each other's boners and laughed then headed into the shower room. Brian suggested we just use one of the stalls so we could wash each other's back and I said that was fine. While we were soaping ourselves up Brian said 'turn around' so I did and he washed my back and then we switched and I washed his. Our boners never went down and I told Brian I really felt like I had to jack off. He said he did too and asked me if I ever had someone else jack me off. I said no and he told me that he had done it a couple times with his best friend and it felt even better than doing it alone. 'You want to?' he asked me and I said I was willing. So he soaped up my boner and started stroking it and I did the same to him. Before too long he spurted a couple shots of cum and that got me even more excited and I shot out some spurts too. I told him we both won that game and he laughed. We finished showering, got dressed and went back to our families. My dad said to us both 'Well, did you guys have a lot of fun?' We looked at each other and laughed and said 'oh yeah!' I think he was talking about the games but Brian and I had something else in mind.

When we got home I told my best friend about the games and the shower session. He thought that was really cool and I suggested we could do that to each other sometime and he said he'd like to. We did quite often during the next few years before we went off to college.

I still fondly remember my first time and that it took a lot of 'Guts'.

I am so happy that I discovered solotouch and that I could share my story too. This is an awesome site. Even though I'm married now I still jackoff occasionally. I sometimes fantasize about that time with Brian and the times with my best friend. I get satisfied with both kinds of sexual activity equally - making love and jackin off.



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