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My First Time Playing Doctor

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I was in the sixth grade and a year older than most as I had spent the years one thru 11 out of the USA. We rode our bike to and from school and could go by our friends home after if we called and advised where we were, and must be home before dark. My friend Robert and I would sometimes go to his home and work on completing a treehouse he and his father had started. His mom would fix us a snack, we would be joined by sisters from down the street, 11 and 10 as their mom worked as a nurse and did not get home till 5pm. After the snack they would go their way and we would go up the treehouse. One day Robert asked me if I wanted to do something dirty, as a clean cut guy, I said sure, and he made me promise not to tell a soul. Ok, my sex history was slim to none, one show me yours and I will show you mine, a year earlier. had been having erections for a couple of years, mom said don't touch it, it will go away.

Upon turning 12 started waking up with cum in the bed, mom said just part of growing up, don't worry about it. So off we go the the sisters home, and I am told to take off everything I am wearing as we are going to play doctor. W0W, everyone got naked, I am red in the face, they are laughing at me as they have done this before, all the right tools are here as mom is a nurse, Robert says we will examine the girls first then they will do us. Ok by me, just watch what I do and then do the same says Robert, first the thermometer, in the first girls ass, Pam, push pull a few times, then out and hands to me, do her sister, Pat, I put some more vaseline on it and in it goes, push and pull and out, then the stethoscope, on the very small tits and nipples, rub it around, pinch them and lick your tongue on them, sounds fun and it was, both cocks at attention, causing more giggles, then to the pussy, open lips, look in and feel the button, now its our turn, same thermometer, more vasoline, his then mine, breast rub, and cock inspection, push it, pull it, pull on balls, I lasted about 15 seconds and cum was flowing, they had a towel to catch it but I was too quick, more giggles, then Robert after 1 or 2 minutes.

Off we go to the treehouse and Robert shows me how to masturbate, This was repeated bout 2 more times during the year, but we all went seperate ways never to meet again. it was several years, age 15 till I found a girl willing to lend me a hand. some dating light, movies, school dance, spin the bottle, touching of tits seemed ok but not below the waist, hers or mine, nearly all girls were ok with tit feeling, touching, some only over blouse, some ok with hand in bra, and some took of the blouse and bra and allowed kissing. Any comments from females? breasts were fair game for just about any boy, is that true?



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