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My First Time on Cam

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I first discovered a website that showed others, mostly guys, masturbating on cam around the age of sixteen. Even though, up to that point, I had masturbated to pictures of, or fantasized about, naked girls, seeing a guy stroke his cock fascinated me for some reason.

I would watch from my darkened room late at night, or after school when my mom wasn't home, touching myself right along with the person I was watching. I began to imagine what it would be like to show myself, and would do it in front of a mirror pretending someone else was watching. I'd even film myself with a digital camera and watch it on my own computer. There was something weird feeling about masturbating to images of my own dick, but it also turned me on greatly to watch it get hard then see my hand go up and down the hard shaft until I came.

I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a larger than average sized penis. Not gargantuan or anything, but a full seven inches long when hard, almost six inches around the shaft, with decent sized hanging balls and a generous amount of brown pubic hair surrounding everything. Soft it was decent sized, a bit larger than most of the other guys I would see in the locker room. I would get a little charge being naked in front of others, wondering if anybody was noticing my dick, but never got hard.

So this went on for a couple of years, just watching cams, never commenting, always getting turned on. By the time I turned eighteen I knew it was something I wanted to try. I remember the first time vividly. It was a Saturday night, my mom was out with some friends. I have no brothers and sisters so I was home all alone. I was in my room with the door closed, the shades drawn so nobody could see in my window. I logged on to the site, turned on the cam and aimed it at my chest and waited. A few people would pop into the room, then pop out because I wasn't showing anything. This went on for awhile, occasionally somebody would say something, a blatant 'show your cock' or something like that, but I waited. Not sure if I was gathering up the courage, or allowing myself to get turned on by the idea. I wasn't hard, at least not all the way, but I did feel like I had a semi down there and knew once I went for it I'd be hard in no time and would probably cum very quickly.

After about 10 minutes of this I guy popped in the room and said hello and asked how I was doing. He just seemed nice. He was in his 30s and just seemed interested in talking, didn't blatantly ask to see my cock. So I private messaged him, made sure my video room was locked so others couldn't get in, and we began to speak more openly about what we both knew we were going to do.

He asked if I would rather he go first, and I told him yes. He stood up, the camera aiming below his waist, and pulled down his pants and underwear. he just stood there with it sticking out, a medium sized dick, balls tight up under him and reddish pubic hair. I started to get hard and he said, 'ok, your turn', so without thinking I stood up, put my thumbs in the waistband of my sweat pants and pulled them down. My cock was fully hard at this point, balls still hanging beneath it, as I stood in front of the cam and let him look at me. He told me to turn to the side, so I did. He did the same, and we both showed off for a couple minutes. He then asked if I would masturbate for him, I put my right hand around the shaft and began to stroke myself. In literally 15 seconds I shot several spurts of cum onto my desk. Just couldn't hold back.

I felt a little weird after and quickly logged off. But the next afternoon, after my mom had gone out shopping, I did it again with a couple people watching me this time. People seemed to enjoy what they saw, which was kind of cool, and over the next several months I would masturbate on cam a couple of times a week.

I rarely do it now, I have a girlfriend who keeps me quite happy sexually, but occasionally when she's out of town I return to that site and do it for old times sake.

I would love to hear others who have cam stories, so feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for listening.



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