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My First Time on a Cruise

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I met Craig on a 10 day cruise of the Caribbean over Christmas, at the pool the first day. We were both 15, he from NJ, me from GA. He was everything I wasn't bold, confident, out going, and athletic.

It was the second day, after lunch when he looked at his watch, and announced his sister was in Yoga for an hour, and it was time to go flog the beast. I started laughing, amazed he would be so casual about it. He said something about everyone does it, what's the big deal, then as if a light bulb went off, he turned and asked me if I wanted to join him. Part of me so wanted to, I'd never seen another guy hard, must less jerking off, but my modesty of having someone else see me do it, and fear that it was too gay was overwhelming. I told him I didn't think so. He just shrugged and pointed out, it wasn't like after the next week we would ever see each other, and I realized he was right.

The trip up to his stateroom was filled with terror and excitement. I was hard as a rock in anticipation, and in the elevator, Craig reached over squeezed it, and laughed. He lifted up his hand and told me he was hard too, I squeezed it, and it was huge. He locked the door, ducked into the bathroom, and came back with that little bottle of hand lotion and a towel. He pulled his shirt off, and pushed his shorts and briefs down, and kicked off his flip-flops. He flopped down on his bed, oblivious to me staring at his dick. He was drizzling the hand lotion on himself, staring down at it, stretched beyond his navel. He scooted over and patted the bed. I stripped, and started to lay on the other bed, and he told me he didn't want to mess up his sister's bed, to lay next to him. He held the bottle over my much smaller and thinner 5', and as it dripped onto me, I commented on how big he was.

He began to slowly swirl his fist around it, as I started to pump away. He told me to slow down, we had almost an hour. I told him I always did it fast, and he told me it would feel a lot better if I postponed it as long as possible. He reached over and grabbed my pole, and slowly and lightly massaged it, telling me to do it like that, then went back to his own. Nobody had ever touched my erection before and it felt great. I reached over and touched him. He moved his fingers up to his nipples and teased them as I slowly swirled my fist around his plum sized head. It felt so different than my own.

He turned on his side and said for me to do the same, and they touched. He put his hand on the small of my back and pressed into me, his greasy dick rubbing against mine and my stomach. Now that felt unbelievable. We kept doing it, our cheeks touching, humping into each other. He rolled back on his back and poured more lotion on himself, then over me. It had been about 20 minutes and I was straining to not have an orgasm. I wanted this to go on and on, and to end at the same time.

When he rolled on top of me and locked his arms under my shoulders, I felt his entire weight on me, grinding slowly into me, his erect nipples rubbing across mine. I couldn't hold it off anymore, and I grabbed his firm cheeks and urged him to go faster. He picked up the pace, and I whispered I was gonna blow, and he stared intensely into my eyes. It was the longest most intense orgasm of my life, wave and wave of pleasure, as I gasped. I felt my semen cover both our stomachs, and as I relaxed in that afterglow, he leaned down and stuck his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me hard and fiercely, sliding against my stomach furiously. He threw his head back, moaned, and froze. I felt it twitch on my stomach, then the wetness shoot up toward my chest. He collapsed back on top of me.

I gently rubbed his back and cheeks as he caught his breath. When he rolled off me, we were both a mess, covered in our white seed, and glistening from the hand lotion. He grabbed the towel and mopped himself up, then me. He chuckled, and said that felt good. I was totally spent. We got dressed, and went back to the pool. In the elevator he asked me if I was ok. I told him I had never had one like that, and he laughed. I told him something told me he had done this before, and he said yeah, A LOT. Then he added other stuff too, that's even more awesome. The next day after lunch I found out what that was, and it was better than awesome.



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