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My First Time - Last Month!

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I have always had girlfriends and I'm currently with wife #2. I have always loved women! For the last five years or so though, I've had recurring fantasies and thoughts about what it would be like to jack off with another guy. I don't have any love for other men, would never want to kiss another guy or have anal sex or anything like that. I guess because in a way I'm in love with my own dick because I love masturbation so much, I have been somewhat curious about seeing another hard dick close up and personal.

Last month I was travelling on business and I stayed in a nice hotel in Dallas. I had a few drinks in the hotel lounge after work. I got into a conversation with a guy also staying there on business. Like me, he was married, had kids, and by all appearances seemed normal in every way.

We talked about the rigours of travel and being gone so often. I told him the one really bad thing about it was that I got horny as hell when I was gone, but I didn't go out scoping out the bars for women.... not like I did in my younger days. He said he didn't either. He said 'truthfully, I buy one of the pay per view adult movies and jack off, then I go to sleep.'

I smiled and said I had done that several times too. He said 'damn, in a good one I'll make myself cum twice.' Having had this curiosity of mine, I threw this out to see what he would say ... 'this is making me really horny. I think I'm gonna have to jack off tonight.' He took the bait. He said 'if you want to, why don't we just watch one together and we can both jack off!'

I said, 'Damn! Let's go!'

We went up to his room. I was quite nervous, but excited in a special way too. He turned on the TV and went to the pay per view area, and we scoped out the ads for the adult movies and decided on the one we wanted to watch. Within minutes of it starting we were treated to a whole host of naked women being fucked, women sucking off guys, women eating each other, and so on. He had a king size bed and he laid on one side and told me to make myself comfortable on the other side. As we watched I could see the big bulges in both our pants and we both started groping our hard ons through our pants.

He finally broke the silence of us watching and not talking much when he said 'fuck I'm hard. I want to stroke my dick.' He then took his pants and underwear off, revealing a big and super hard dick. This is the first hard dick I had ever seen in person other than my own. I took my own pants and underwear off too. I was throbbing hard!

We both laid back down on the bed and began slowly stroking our dicks as we watched the TV. Both of us would turn our heads and watch each other too. Finally he said 'you have a nice dick. Mind if I have a closer look?' I said 'come on over!' He slid over and I used my hand to stand mine straight up in the air so he could see my full hard length. He looked at it a while and said 'you have a great dick.' I said 'let me look at yours.' He laid flat and stood his upright. It was a good seven or maybe even eight inches. I said 'I bet your wife loves fucking you!' He laughed and said 'and so does the lady next door to me.' LOL! We both laughed.

I said 'damn it feels good to jack off.' He agreed. Then he said 'what do you think about jacking off each other?' I didn't even answer. I reached over and took his big hard dick in my hand and he reached over and took mine. His was so HARD! I can't describe the feeling. Smooth skin but super hard underneath. Our arms kept bumping each others so I said 'let me jack you off first, then you can jack me off.' I turned onto my side as he laid there relaxed and I used my right hand to slowly jack him up and down. He said 'DAMN this feels good!' I did that for about 10 minutes and he finally said he was going to cum. I started giving him harder more deliberate strokes and he shot loads of cum onto his stomach. For me it was fascinating to watch.

He wiped off the mess and told me it was my turn. I laid flat and he slowly jacked me off until I came. It felt wonderful!

Now that I have done that, I would love to do it again!



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