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My First Time Jacking Off

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I have been checking out this site for some time now and love it. The stories are hot, especially the ones written by females together with males. I love the ones where females caught some guy stroking his cock and were so turned on that they had to take care of themselves later. It reminds me of the first time I jacked off. I was in the seventh grade and thirteen. I had just gotten pubic hair earlier in the year and had just started noticing what girls did to me and my hormones. There was this girl one year older than me who always wore skin tight jeans, I thought she had the nicest ass.

Anyway, one day in school she started talking about how sex and tasting semen. I just remember thinking about it all day and how my dick was so hard off and on for most of the day. Man, I wanted to go home so bad and try jacking off. I had never done it before that and had heard people joking and this and that about it. Finally, the bell rang and I hurried home. I knew no one would be there, thank goodness. My dick was so hard, I could see it through my jeans, it's more noticeable now as I've gotten older and bigger. Anyway, I raced up to my room, stripped off my clothes, and my dick sprung free. I began to yank and tug on it for awhile and nothing happened. I became frustrated but continued to stroke my stiff cock. Still nothing, until after a little while a little bit of clear liquid seeped from my dick. The sun beat in through my window and glowed on my cock and pubic hair. I knew I was on to something when the liquid appeared but had thought cum was white and wasn't sure what exactly to think.

I kept stroking anyway. It felt so good and I admired how big my cock was when hard and how much pubic hair I had. It was taking some time as I stroked but it felt so good so I kept going and a little more clear liquid surfaced. Finally after a little while I could feel something. I kept cocking my head back then looking down at my penis. I had always seen in magazines, the pictures of men and women with their heads cocked back. Now I knew why they were doing that as I stroked my dick. It felt so good. Then bam, out of nowhere a really strong sensation coursed through my cock and I looked down to see three streams of jism pump from my cock as I groaned. Luckily I had some tissue with me for the occasion and cleaned up the mess. I looked out the window to see if anyone was home or heard my groan and then threw away the tissue and checked the house. Good, no one was around. Little did I know at the time that I started something that I'd be doing for years. I still do it and love it and my ultimate fantasy would be to do it for a room full of women, all eyes on me, watching and waiting for the explosion like the one I had in my room that first time.



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