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My First Time in Public

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You will see why this is FF, although it is not what you might think.


There are days when I am just, well, horny. Mere masturbation is not enough. Sure, I can cum, but there is something missing for me. The thing is, I did not know what that missing something was until yesterday.

Bored and feeling sexy, I had already masturbated to orgasm, but was left feeling that I needed more. I was getting rather antsy with this feeling that would just NOT go away. So, I decided to take my mind off it and visit the nearby wave pool. This is the only swimming pool in the area that has a wave machine and it is rather fun.

I paid and headed for the changing rooms. These are new, but in reality little more than partitions with doors. Walking from reception to them, I saw that the pool was packed and there were the usual mixture of bodies, from pubescent to fully developed. As my eyes took in the usual, and somewhat comical displays..(You tend to get young girls who are desperate to show off what little breasts they may have, to older girls who deliberately wear almost nothing to middle aged women who, I am sure, are there to get picked up. The men, well, boys in their teens have no idea, do they?

Even so, as I walked I felt my body betray me as my clit started to throb again and I could feel the wetness spreading between my legs.

I found a changing cubicle and stripped off. When I took my panties off there was no doubt they could not go back on. In a moment, I realised, I was standing there, naked, with lots of people around me. Some in the changing cubicles adjacent to mine, others walking up and down outside.

That's when it hit me. I should masturbate, here, now.

I slipped my hand between my legs and it seemed as if my clit rose to meet it. I leaned my back against the cool (plastic? MDF? whatever) and put my left hand to work on my nipple while my right paid attention to my clit. You know, I could actually feel the wetness on my inner thighs! I also could not stifle a moan or two.

Then I heard a female voice from the next cubicle say 'Listen. FUCK, she's masturbating in there.' Just knowing someone else was listening to me was that special something I had been missing, so I let myself moan louder. Then I heard 'fuck this is horny. I could jill myself' and a different voice said 'I already am'. So I had two girls jilling as I jilled. I let myself rock and press into the partition. I let my breathing go and felt the familiar feeling begin to well up inside me. 'Fuck, she's gonna cum' said one voice. 'Ohhh me toooo' said the other. Suddenly in a welt of gasps, I guess all three of us came.

I slipped into my bikini and stashed my clothes and walked out... exactly as the two girls in the next cubicle did! They looked about my age and we all smiled at each other.

For some reason, I didn't want to go straight into the water so I sat at one of the tables by the pool and tried to unpick what I had done. Was it being in public that made the orgasm so fulfilling? Undoubtedly, yes. What about being 'joined in with' Yes, that too was one hell of a turn on. Innevitably, I thought about 'What would I do if someone actually wanted to physically join in with me? Another girl?' That was tricky. No doubt hearing the two girls cum was really horny, but would I like another girl to touch me? Would I like to touch another girl?

I sat there pondering on this when I saw one of the girls looking at me. She came over to my table and asked if I would like a coffee. I said no (I hate coffee) but asked if she wanted to sit down. She did and then she just came right out with 'It was so horny, all of us jilling together, wasn't it?' I could hardly say it wasn't. Then I felt her hand on my knee. 'I would love to do it with you now.' Then she just got up and left and walked back to the changing rooms.

I followed. What happened next seemed to be a blur of activity. No sooner were we in the cubicle than we had stripped each other naked and one of my hands was on her breast (I am only a small B, she was smaller, but beautifully formed) and my other hand was on her pussy and a finger had arched inside her. She was doing the same for me and, I have to admit, she had taken my breath away with the way she was kissing me.

I felt every movement of her vagina as I fingered her and I was pushing myself onto her exploring fingers. At one point, I think she had three fingers in me which was uncomfortable. Then, I felt her pull one out (better... MUCH better) and felt the other finger pressing against my bum. Suddenly, I felt the most overwhelming desire to pee. This was not like an orgasm coming, well, it was in a way, but different. I breathed into her mouth. 'Please, stop, I think I need to pee' She said 'Go for. Do it on my hand' So I actually let go. The orgasm hit at exactly the same time as I peed on her hand. And WHAT an orgasm. Strong, violent, almost painful. I asked her what I could do, what she needed to get herself off. She asked me to finger her vagina with two fingers and my thumb up her arse real hard. (Now THAT was horny!) Then she asked me to rub her clit as well. I swear, I felt each and every contraction of her arse AND her pussy as she came.

We didn't do much swimming that afternoon.

When it was time to leave, I wore only the dress I came in with. My panties were far too wet to put on, so I left them with her.

Well, that was yesterday, and what a whirl my mind has been in since. I have made love with another girl. Does that make me a lesbian? I had THE most kinky dream last night too about this girl. I woke up wet, horny and disgusted with myself, because in the dream, I had asked her to pee all over me. And I mean ALL over me.

Back to the pool today, I think. Lets see what happens.



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