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My First Time, and With My Best Friend!

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I was sixteen. Roughly 5'7', dark brown hair, light blue eyes. I'm quite good looking, or at least I seem to be because I can get girl friends quite easily, I just don't have a huge amount of confidence.

Anyway, I had been very good friends with a girl called Olivia since I was about nine, but only recently found her very attractive. She has light blonde hair, blue eyes, big firm breasts and a nice round firm ass.

She came round to my house one time after school and we we're pretty bored so we decided to go on the pc. We ended up downloading a few porn movies. This got me incredibly horny and I think she could tell because she kept glancing at me. I couldn't help myself and I started to rub my dick through my trousers. She then took my hand and pulled me away from the pc and onto the bed. This was all very comfortable with me because of my relationship with her, so I wasn't really nervous at all.

From there she lay on her back and undid her belt, sliding her trousers down. She was wearing little red panties with a little wet patch over her pussy, that really got me horny! She knelt up on my bed and slid them down to her knees. I knelt up opposite her and she undid my trousers and got my now very hard dick out of my boxers. My dick was and is eight inches back then, so it's not too bad for size.

She took my dick in her hand and started wanking it off in a way I had never been wanked before. She was doing it with a back hand grip and it felt so amazing! She then said 'I'm really wet, will you please just finger me!?' So, I slid my hand down her body and reached her cunt. I slipped two fingers into her very wet pussy lips and stroked them up and down. I then slid my middle finger deep into her pussy and started pumping it in and out. After a while of this I was close to cumming! I had also started twisting my finger around deep inside her dripping cunt. She had leaned forward with her chin resting on her shoulder and I could her her moaning and breathing loudly.

We were both so close but then I heard my mom shouting that it was time for Olivia to go home. We quickly 'let go' of each other and pulled our trousers back up. Olivia then went home.

The next day at school we sat next to each other at the back of the class and we were talking about it. She told me that I fingered her better than anyone ever has. This started to get me really horny again and we started to touch each other at the back of the class. I was rubbing her pussy through her trousers and she started to push her cunt up againsnt my hand, squirming around on her chair. I think a girl saw us doing this so we quickly decided to stop but we would finish it off another time at my house.

So we made an arrangement that next time my parents were out she would come to mine. It took about two weeks, but the next time she came round was after school. We both knew what was going to happen and we were both very horny on the walk home. We actually stopped off at a mates house on the way and she was so horny that when he went to the toilet she begged me to finger her right there and then, in my friends house. I said we should wait until we got to mine, and then we quickly left.

As soon as we got back to mine we got on the bed and she took her top and bra off, I started to suck gently on her nipples and she moaned softly. Then we decided to do the same as we did the time before. She jacked me off like she did before. I came so hard and so good all in her hand.

We stopped for a while after that. A couple of hours later she got horny again and we were both lying on the bed and I slid my hands down her pants and started to rub her pussy. I found her clit this time and I was rubbing it, pushing down on it and flicking my fingers over it and around it. Every now and then I would slide my fingers down and slip two into her soaking pussy. She was so wet but she told me to just rub her clit, because that felt better. I carried on for about another fifteen minutes and then she leaned in my ear and said 'Will you please finger me now, like you did before?' This time I was feeling more confident so I slid down, spread her legs wide and I leaned in. I started to rub her dripping pussy lips and then I pulled away, I looked up to see her with her head tilted back, eyes closed and grabbing her big breasts. She was moaning loudly now! I went back to her pussy and I slid two fingers back into her, deeper than before. I opened my fingers up into a 'V' shape and she screamed! I asked her if that hurt but she said she loved it and to carry on. I started rubbing her clit hard and flicking it up and down with my thumb whilst pumping my two fingers deep in and out of her, twisting them round and opening them every now and then. She started bucking her cunt in my face and screaming. I felt her wetness all over my hand and fingers. I felt her cum all over my bed. I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked on them.

My bed was soaking but my dick was rock hard and massive. She then took my dick in her hands and jacked me off! I came all over the bed this time, harder than before! It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

We then both went into my bathroom to get cleaned up! I hope this story is good for both guys and girls, so happy jacking/jilling!



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