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My First Time

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My first time
I guess I was about 8 or 9 and living at a foster home that was also a very large self sufficient farm complete with milk cows, chickens, horses etc. Also on the farm were about 14 kids of all ages and backgrounds. The one that showed me the ropes was a 16 year old male who was placed there on a temporary basis while the state found him a new home. I caught him jacking off in his bedroom but had no idea what he was doing. Because of the crowded atmosphere of the house, he asked me to follow him the nearby woods for an explanation. I was suddenly excited but knew not what that meant either.
It's funny how all of those feelings and memories are as vivid today, 40 some years later, as if it happened yesterday. I have never revealed any of this to a soul. Anyway, we went just inside the adjacent woods and he (Jim) pulled his jeans down and out sprang his stiff boner. That's the new slang he taught me right then and there as we went along. His "boner appeared very large and thick with easy moving skin that slid up and down his shaft easily. It seemed very large, but then I was only about 9 and in comparison my boner was a few inches at best. Jim stroked his dick for a few seconds and his "Jizz" flew about six feet out in front of him. It squirted again but not far at all. He explained what everything was and asked if I had "jizz" yet. I told him I did not know as I had never purposely jacked off.
He called it beating off and at that point I was hard and really did feel funny down there. Jim asked to see my boner, so I pulled my pants down and it sprang out straight. I had many boners up till now but had never really done anything with the problem. Now here I was jacking off with some guy coaching me. Well I got a funny feeling real fast and it passed just as fast and I saw no jizz or anything.
From then on I would take two fingers and rub my boner real quick until the funny feeling would come and go. Many times I would watch Jim do his six foot shot and marvel at the size of his boners. I jacked off like that for about a year I guess with no sign of Jizz or anything for that matter. Then things changed one summer. I must of been 11 when I had a real awakening. There was a girl who lived on the farm that was my age and we got along real good. She had budding young breast and they kept my curiosity up and my boner. I was in my shared room by myself one afternoon jacking my boner as fast as I could go to get to that funny feeling when I looked up and there she was looking right at my operation. She was laughing hard and I was red as hell and felt like the young fool that I was. She left and I pulled up my pants and swore off "beating-off". But later in the day I heard someone go pssst! from the upstairs bathroom. I went in and there she was with her panties down and dress pulled up past her tits. I can only remember the way I felt at that age at that moment and will not attempt to describe it. Because I can't! It was the old show me again and tell me what you were doing routine. I reluctantly took my gaze from her sex and pulled down my jeans to expose a very strange feeling boner. It was different this time some how and I felt flush and confused. She asked me to rub it on her vagina but not to stick it in because she did not want a baby right now. How silly and ignorant we were then. No sex education in the sixties! Hell I know she did not have periods or even knew of them. Anyway we rubbed each other and she opened her hole up for me to look in. She got real wet and I saw some white stuff around her opening. She told me it was there quite often and she supposed it was part of her and ok. It looked to me like her little hole was the same size as my 11 year old boner and I told her so. Again she reiterated that she knew that that was how babies were made. I explained to her that I was to young to have "jizz" so if she wanted to stick it in it was ok by me. It was very difficult at first as her opening was too low on her front side. She bent over and grabbed her knees and I entered her from behind very easily. I doubt I was long enough to even break her hymen. If I did neither of us knew. It was wonderful to say the least and I instinctively went in and out over and over as she told me to keep going.
Then it happened! I started feeling real weird as her vagina was pulsating and she was now holding on to the toilet lid to stabilize her shaking. I was also shaking and was getting real scared. She was yelling at me and asked me what was happening? I pulled out prior to finishing what ever was happening and pulled my pants up and ran out. She asked me the next day at school why I ran off and if we would do "it" again? I told her no, that I did not want to do it again because it scared me. She said she was scared too but went back in her room and rubbed her vagina and got all ticklish and gushy down there and it was wonderful. She said it was because of the screwing we did. I thought about that and thought about it all afternoon. That night as I lay in bed, the memory of screwing her automatically gave me a very erect boner whether I wanted one or not. I wanted to try and recreate the feeling in private where no one would know. I began thinking about the procedure I used on the girl. It was slow and steady, not the rapid fire jacking-off I had been doing for the past year. Then it started again, that slow rising of pressure and the quick breath and red face. I stopped and caught my breath then started again this time letting it come on. And did it ever!! I nearly doubled over in bed as my boner throbbed hard way down under my balls. This was it I thought, I finally "shot my jizz"! As things subsided I felt a small amount of liquid on my hand and jumped up and ran to the bathroom to get a look. Sure enough, right there on my hand was a small amount of clear fluid. Not much, but by god it was there! I could hardly wait till morning to tell Jim.
I know now that when I was inside the young girl that I was about to cum in her. I don't know what the ramifications would have been, as I'm not sure if that type of early cum is potent or not. Or even if she was fertile yet. Just don't know! I never fooled around with the girl again as she left to a new home as did Jim and several others. I did Jack off just as often, but now with real purpose and ever increasing "jizz" shots. I never got to do a six footer like Jim, only a two footer and sometimes to my chin if I was really turned on. Still at fifty, married with plenty of sex, I love to jack-off. I most recently bought one of those fake pussies at a love shop. I work out of town all the time and at my age would rather not do the affair thing. I just put some love lube on and slip inside of it lying on my bed. I can sometimes cum in it five times a day as the ever increasing amount of cum in it makes it feel very real.
Well this is my story and it is very true. Any comments can find me at P



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