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My First Time

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First time with my best friend.


Was 14 when I experienced my first orgasm. This was with my best friend, will leave his name out. To protect the innocent!

We used to play around all the time boys wanting to see each others cocks. It was fun. We involved other lads too, but mainly it was my best friend and me.

This one particular night he asked me if I knew what cum was? Not wanting to sound stupid I said of course. Truth is I didn't. Now I must say my BF, thats what we call him. Was far more developed than me, bigger cock too. More hair everything. I knew at this age I was gay, as I was so so interested in his body and of course his cock. He said we should go to his den he had something to show me. F*#k what was it I thought, my head was racing. Hoping I would get to touch his gorgeous cock.

When we got there he told me to strip which I did without question. He must then have realised he could do anything to me at that point and I would not put up with any kind of resistance. He too striped off there, his penis fairly big and now erect. I just wanted to reach out and grab it. Not really sure what I would have done with it if I had have touch it.

Anyway BF showed me what to do, he got from a table some sun cream, so he had planned this! Slowly he squirted out cream onto his cock. Working it in stroking it up and down the shaft. I felt my cock getting harder and harder, I just could not believe what was happening to me. The feeling was so fantastic. Just then liquid seeped out from the end of my cock. BF told me this was pre cum and that I must be excited. I was so bloody excited. It was like nothing on earth. Everything going round in my body watching BF stroking his penis, I had not even touched mine. This was so wonderful.

BF then got the bottle of sun cream and squirted some on to my cock. He then started to work it up and down my shaft. Boy or Boy! this was heaven. The feeling of the lad I looked upto wanking my tool. All of a sudden, there was this almighty feeling, a rush in my groin. Then it happened white liquid shot out from the end of my cock all up my chest on my face all over BF hand it was everywhere. What the f*#k!! I thought, what has happened I felt weak all over but a warming sensation. It was marvellous. I looked at BF words could not explain what I was feeling for this person. I wanted to kiss him all over. He asked how I felt I was speechless.

Then he asked if I would wank him, of course, what else could I do for my new found god. He could at that point of asked me to do anything and I would have obeyed. He stood up and asked me to kneel in front of him. He squirted more cream onto his now huge cock. It was huge to me! I knelt there slowly wanking this marvelous erection. He told me how to do it, not too fast or slow. Take it easy he said I should enjoy it too. Little did he realise I was. I was in heaven.

He started to tense his body I just knew the signs, he breathed heavy making a strange noise. Then he shot his lovely cum all over me down the front of my chest and side of my face. Wow this was nirvana. We cleaned up.

He asked if I enjoyed it. I didn't want to sound too keen. I just answered with a firm yes and that I would love to do it again sometime.

We sure did it again. As I said before Heaven.

Thank You for reading, Rich



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