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My First Time

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Some years ago, when I was thirteen, I had heard some of the older girls at school talking about masturbation but didn't really know all the details but I had leaned a lot the past few months.

I guess I developed pretty early. Well, anyway I decided to find out what all this talk was about several months ago. One night after I went to bed and my parents were in bed I pulled my panties down and my shirt up over my breasts. I started playing with my titties and pinching my nipples. It hurt in a sort of good way and I began to feel this tingling sensation between my legs.

I then started playing with my pussy. I even stuck one of my fingers up inside me. It felt good. I had no idea what a clit was at that time but while I was rubbing around my pussy I hit this one spot and I almost jumped off the bed. Boy did it feel good when I touched that spot. So I started rubbing that particular spot and it began to feel better and better. This little thing started to get hard as I rubbed it and stuck out more than usual.

It didn't take long until I felt this funny feeling inside me and OMG it was so wonderful. I didn't know what was happening to me but I knew I liked it. Pretty soon it hit me and I almost came off the bed. The feeling was like something I had never felt before and I could not lie still. I didn't think it was possible to feel so wonderful. My hips were bouncing off the bed and I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out. It lasted a few seconds and then it was gone. But I knew I wanted to feel that again.

I was rubbing that spot again when all of a sudden I felt all this fluid coming out of my hole. I had gotten my period, or so I thought. I got out of bed and went quietly to my bathroom to get a pad to hold the blood. To my surprise there was no blood but there sure was a lot of clear slick stuff. I figured, 'Oh well'. It must have been caused by my making myself feel so good.

So I went back to bed and started rubbing myself in that same spot again. In less than a minute it hit me again. The feeling was just as good but it didn't last as long. I made myself feel good a total of five times that night before I went to sleep. Thank goodness it was a Friday night because I slept like a baby and didn't wake up until almost noon the next day.

My Mom asked me if I slept good and I told her better than I ever had. That was all I could think of that entire day. I could hardly wait until I went to bed that Saturday night so I could make myself feel good again. And I did. That night and the next and the next and the next. In fact I have done it every night since I first learned how.

Then one day I typed in masturbation and just happened to find this site. I spent hours reading stories and they are absolutely wonderful. I also learned a lot of things. At least I knew what my clit was and what it is to cum.

I suppose it is natural for all girls to get wet between their legs when they are hot. Sometimes I was sitting in a boring class at school and started thinking about playing with my pussy and I got so wet that I messed up my panties. But that was O.K. It just made it better when I got home and played with myself. When I came there were globs of clear slick juice that came out of my pussy. It could get pretty messy if I was not prepared for it. Like now, if I am sitting in my chair at my computer chatting with someone about sex or reading the stories on Solo Touch, if I don't put something under me, my pussy will get the chair soaked.

Back then, I finally got up enough nerve to talk to one of my girlfriends about it. She told me that she had started doing the same thing. That Friday night she spent the night with me and we experimented some together. I had tried looking at myself with a mirror but it was much more fun getting down and looking at her. She then explored my bottom. We were in bed, side by side, that night and I said I wondered what it would be like to do each other. So we tried it. I rubbed her clit with my fingers while she rubbed mine. I think it feels even better when someone else does it to you. We were frigging each other with our fingers like two little sluts. And enjoying every minute of it.

That Saturday night we spent the night at her house. Her parents went out leaving us alone for a good part of the night. Kim showed me some things she had found in her parents room. There was a book telling all about sex. We also found some sex videos. They were instructional type videos showing couples doing things in different positions. Then the crowning jewel-a dildo that belonged to her mom. It was a big rubber man cock, much too large to fit me. We used to spend the night at either my house or hers as often as our parents would let us.

My friend did not get as near as wet as I did. Her pussy got wet alright just like mine when we were playing with ourselves, but when we cummed mine just ran out all over the place. It came out of my pussy in globs, hers didn't.

I do plan to keep masturbating as much as I can. I don't see why it is hurting anything and it feels so good. I love going naked around the house every chance I have. It makes me feel so sexy and it also makes my pussy tingle. I usually end up playing with my pussy and cumming all over myself. My girlfriend from years ago is really close and we do almost everything together. We have learned to rub our pussies together and make ourselves cum. Kim loves for me to juice all over her pussy. We haven't tried oral because we think that would be too much.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about me.



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