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My First Time

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There used to be a large hotel near where I live. Its flats now, but back then it was a holiday hotel. From time to time there would be events that the locals could attend and I went to one such event. I had chosen to wear a white t shirt and a short but quite loose fitting demin skirt. Under that I had a pair of white cotton panties.

I got there about an hour before the evening started and that's when I met up with someone who worked there. I won't say who it was. He knows. We got chatting and then he said he was going for a walk. I knew he wanted me to go with him and we went straight to a public bathroom. (By that I don't mean a toilet. I mean literally a bathroom for the guests who didnt have en suite) He took me in his arms and kissed me and believe me, I kissed him right back. Then he had his hand up under my t shirt and soon had my t shirt off. This was the first time I had ever let a guy see my breasts let alone touch them or suck them. As soon as he nibbled my hard nipple I felt myself cream up.

Then he put his hand between my legs and rubbed me through my panties. (I love that anticipation.) But then, he got his hand inside and was giving me a lovely fingering. I got his cock out and we were soon kissing and masturbating each other. I was getting pretty close too. Then, and this is the very first time anyone had EVER done this, he put his cock kind of between my legs, but not inside me, just up against my crotch and started to push. OMG, it was totally amazing. Every time he pushed forward, my clit rubbed against his shaft. I was worried because I wasn't on the Pill and I didn't want any accidents. He was 'safe' though, because he had had a vasectomy. Anyway, he was pushing back and forward masturbating me with his cock. Then he started to talk dirty to me. But what made me cum was when he said 'I would love to be the first with you.' I said 'I wouldn't mind letting you BE the first.' then I felt a huge orgasm just slam through me. I held him close as I cummed all over his shaft.

I couldn't leave him hard like that now could I? I took my panties off and gave them to him and told him to smell my pussy on them as I wanked him off. I asked him to tell me when he was going to cum and when he did, I caught it with my other hand. Then he left me in there to clean up. I had a hand full of a guys cum for the first time ever! I even tasted it. It was a little salty, but sweet too. Then I leaned up against the wall and rubbed myself off smelling his cum. I orgasmed again before putting my panties back on and going back to the dance hall.

All evening I was so wet and so aroused. Of course, I rubbed off again when I got home. I used to meet up with him a couple of times a week and we would go to his room and make out, or else we would go for a long walk into the hills surrounding the hotel and make out there. I loved it outdoors. He taught me a huge amount about my own body and we did just about everything together. But thats not for here. One thing though, he tought me how sexy peeing can be! It happened when he was fingering me in a cornfield. I said I had to pee. He kind of got behind me and made me squat down in the corn, then he put his hand in my top and squeezed my breast while at the same time with his other hand, he put it between my legs over my panties and told me to pee as he rubbed my clit. It was so fucking horny. I loved the feeling of being so hot and wet at the same time AND doing something so downright dirty.

And in case you were wondering, yes, he was my first, in many many ways.



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