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My First Time

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A long time ago, but some moments seem like yesterday.


My first time story.

I realize that this story is probably pretty common, but I guess the first time for anyone makes quite an impression.

It all happened when I was 14 and in the seventh grade. My first year of Junior high. I was just a boy, and had not yet gone through puberty, although that would happen the following summer. I was walking home with a class mate named Brent. Brent and I had been classmates since I moved into the neighborhood in the fourth grade. I remember in the fourth or fifth grade, I heard the word 'boner,' I heard it from Brent.

'What's a boner?' I innocently asked. 'It's when you're looking at your dad's playboys, and your dick goes BOING!' He illustrated this by his flaccid index finger, and quickly straightened it out and up. I instantly knew what he was talking about, although I'm not sure how he knew I sneaked peaks at my dad's playboys.

Brent and I weren't really friends, but would sometimes chat or walk home together. On this day, in seventh grade, he asked me if I knew what 'beating off' was. I told him I wasn't sure. I don't remember his exact description, but it went something like 'it's when you rub your dick up and down, like this' showing me the classic jerk-off sign 'and it feels real good'.

I admitted that I did NOT know about this, but confessed that I would sometimes grip my dick, leaving just the tip of the head exposed, and rub the palm of my other hand across it, and the sensation was so fantastic, I could barely stand it. 'Yeah, that's beating off too!' He exclaimed. My smile went from ear to ear! I had been beating off all this time, and didn't even know it. Of course I didn't really know about beating off, but that was about to soon change. 'Let's go to my house, and I'll show you how.'

How could I resist? We went to his house, and went to his parents bedroom. They wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. He stood on a chair and got some playboys down from the top shelf of the closet. He asked me if my dick was big. 'Well, it gets big when it gets hard' I replied. 'Is your big?' I asked in return. His answer will always be in my mind. 'Yep, and hairy too!'

Hairy? What the hell, I thought. He unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. He must have thought my eyes would bug out of my head. I've never seen a dick that big. I didn't even know that they could get that big. It was ten times bigger than mine. Maybe the effects of time, and memory exaggerate it's true size, but compared to my hairless little weiner, this was an adult size dick, on a friend's boy sized body.

So Brent went and sat in the chair, and thumbed through the playboy with one hand, while stroking his monster dick with the other. I couldn't believe it actually got bigger and harder. I was fascinated. I watched for a while, then for some reason, got a little self conscious. I started to feel uncomfortable, even though I had a raging little boner going on.

I remember shyly looking away, and walking to the window and pretending to look out. Brent said, 'I'll tell ya when I'm going to sperm.' And so I waited. I'm sure it wasn't long, but it was a little awkward. Pretty soon he said 'Okay, now watch.'

I turned around and came closer. He was pounding that great big dick with concentration, and he took a couple of short loud breaths, and all of a sudden white globs of something squirted out of his dick! Squirt, squirt, squirt! It went up into the air, and fell back down on his hand, like a little fountain.

You could have knocked me over with a feather! I had no idea. I had never seen, or been told something like this happened with your dick.

'Does it feel good?' I asked. 'Oh yeah, he said.'

Then he did something I will never forget, and still don't understand. He wiped his goo on the shag carpet under his parents bed, or perhaps it was on the underside of the box springs. He must have seen the puzzled look on my face, because he said 'It evaporates quickly.'

Since I had never seen sperm before, I just assumed it must be like water that evaporated away, leaving no trace. To this day, I still find that scenario odd. We straightened up his parents bedroom and I left to go home, overwhelmed at all I had just experienced. Really, it was the loss of my childhood innocence, and I was soooo excited to lose it.

I didn't go straight home. I stopped at my friend Tim's house. I told him all that had happened. This sparked a new era. An era of sleep overs and jack off buddies and randy boy-scout troop shenanigans.

But, that is another story.



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