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My First Time

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My first time for a lots of things that afternoon.


I was just 15 at the time and was at my boyfriend's house. It was summer and we were there alone and I wasn't suppose to be there but I was. At the time, he and I were laying in his bed kissing. He was 17 at the time and as we kissed, he put his leg over me. He then scooted closer to me and when he did, I could feel it. His penis was hard and it was against my leg and Billy started moving his hips so I could really feel it against me. I'd never felt anything like this before but I sure knew what it was.

Then, Billy broke from our kiss and asked 'Can you feel it'? I told him 'Yes'. He then said 'You can touch it if you want to'. I knew he wanted me to so I reached down and put my hand over it. It felt so big. Billy then ask 'Do you want to see it'? I ask 'Do you think we should'? Billy said 'I don't see where it'd hurt anything'. I then said 'Well, OK'.

Billy then undid his belt and pants. He pulled the waist out holding it like that and said to me 'Look'. I looked down and saw his big hard penis pointing up at us. I said 'Oh my gosh' when I first saw this. I'd never seen a hard penis before except on little boys. Billy then pushed his pants down and then kicked them off. We both laid there looking at it. I told him 'It is so big'. Billy said 'Thanks to you'.

Billy then ask again 'You want to touch it'? I again reached down and started running my fingers over it. It felt so hard and yet so smooth. Billy then said 'That feels good'. Then Billy ask You've heard of hand jobs before, haven't you'? I said 'Yes'. Billy ask 'What to do one'? I told him 'OK but you'll have to help me do it'. Billy put his hand on it and showed my how to hold it and stroke it. He said 'Now you try it'. I put my hand around it and started the up and down movements on it. Billy laid his head back saying 'Ooohhh, that feels so good'. He then laid on his back and pulled his shirt up to his chest saying 'Oohhh, make me come. I need to come so bad. Watch me when I come'. I kept up the movements on his hard penis and watched it. After a while, Billy went to thrusting his hips up and down making 'Ooohh yes; I'm coming. Ooohhh, I'm going to come' and then let out a big grunt and I got to see my first cum shot as he started squirting the think white stuff out of his penis onto his stomach. It was quite a sight to see. A boy shooting his cum.

So, on that day I got to see and touch my first penis and got to give it a hand job and watch it shoot cum. It was quite a day in my young life and a lesson I've put to good use over the years.



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