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My First Time

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Will never forget those beautiful Chinese girls.


Back in the mid 60s I graduated from high school and went straight into the Air Force. After basic training and tech school I went on leave and then was shipped overseas to Taiwan.

After settling in our base I and a friend of mine I had decided we'd check out downtown. As is typical with a couple of GIs we ended up checking out a bar. When we walked in the first thing that caught our eyes were the cute little Chinese girls working at the bar showing off lots of flesh. Two walked over to us and led up to tables. We had drinks and talked. It wasn't long and the talk turned to sex. I hadn't gotten off since I was home of leave so naturally when we walked into this place and we saw all the female flesh I was aroused and hard. The girl went to telling me about upstairs and all the fun we could have up there and went in to telling me how good her pussy was.

At 19 having 'never been touched' all can imagine how aroused and horny I was setting here with this half naked girl wanting to have sex with me. I was nervous and telling her I better not. Next thing I knew she had her hand down between my legs rubbing on my hard cock. Her short skirt was up to her hips and she took my hand and put it on her pussy thru her panties rubbing it up and down her slit. I was unprepared for this not having any condoms on me and we had been preached to on base about the VD over there and I sure didn't want to take a chance with this stuff but at the same time I needed relief SO BAD!

I then told the girl that all I needed was this stroking a loose fist in front of her. She immediately said 'you want hand job?'. I told her yes and she jumped up and said 'come on. We go upstairs'.

We got upstairs and went onto a room. She closed and locked the door and told me how much she wanted. It was what came to around $1.50 at the time and I paid her. She put it in her little dress and came to me rubbing my cock thru my pants. I reached around her raising her little skirt and took her sweet little ass cheeks in my hands thru her panties. She then backed off asking me 'you like?' turning her ass towards me. I told her 'oh yes!'. She said 'I take off panties so you can feel'. She took them off. She motioned for me to take off my pants so I undid my belt and dropped them showing my cock to a girl for the first time. She looked down at it and said 'so big! Would feel so good in my pussy'. She then got on the bed and while on her knees came to the edge telling me to 'come here'. In one hand she had a bunch of paper towels. I went over to her and she took my cock into her hand and told me 'you come in this' holding up the hand with the towels. She went to stroking on my cock and I went to feeling her soft ass and legs really taking in the softness of her Chinese flesh. It wasn't long and I stood back a little telling her 'I'm going to come'. She laid the towels just under the head of my cock and off I went. Weeks worth of cum pumped out into the towel and she said 'you cum big time'. I finally came down from the wonderful feelings of my orgasm and looked at the towel. It must had been a hand full of cum. I told her that she was the first girl to ever touch me there. She liked this. We cleaned up and got dressed and I went down stairs with a big grin on my face.

It was several weeks later after payday and after talking to some of the guys who had been there awhile who had told me about this hotel there in town. They said this was the place to go. Price was affordable and the girls were real class. So with a pocket full of condoms I went to town with a day off the next day. Sure enough, the guys were right. The girl was beautiful with a fantastic body. I was so aroused and excited seeing her laying naked in the bed that I had her first thing give me a wonderful hand job. I was doubting if I could had even rolled the condom on with out shooting my load. I soon afterwards lost my virginity. I don't remember how many condoms I went through that night and next morning. I can only tell you those Chinese girls sure knew how to take care of a man. It was a very pleasureable year and a half I spent over there as far as sex goes and I'll never forget it.



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