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My First Time

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My first time was when I was 12 years old and was visiting my Grandparents. By this time I had noticed that I got errections, but I did not know about masturbation. Little did I know that day that I would discover the love of my life!

I was bored hanging out at the house and had come across some of my Grandfather's porn magazines. My c*ck got so hard looking at the pictures of that beautiful naked women and readying the erotic stories. I remember I was surprised by the slick fluids that was my precum, which soaked my underwear and made the head of my penis slippery.

I had never touched myself down there in a sexual way before, though I enjoyed being naked and holding my penis. As I became ever more turned on I had to release my straining c*ck from my pants. I was hard as a rock and ached with a longing I had never known before.

After my throbbing erection was free from the constrains of my clothing I noticed there was a couple of plush pillows in the room - you know the kind with the long super soft fur. At first I just rubbed the tip of my penis on one. I do not know how it happened, but thought it would feel good to put two soft plush pillows together.

Oh my god, did it feel amazing! Each thrust was a delight of electricity and pleasure. (Guys - you should try it. If you position them correctly you can thrust in and out like you are in a vagina - well as close to one as an inexperienced boy can imagine. I masturbated this way for several years - until my mid teens. Two feather pillows with soft fur are best.)

Anyway, back to my story.

So there I was lying on the floor looking at the sweet p*ssies in the magazines with my penis thrusting into the soft pillows experiencing the most amazing sensations of my life. My c*ck gave me feelings that I had not dreamt possible. I was so horny I could hardly stand it!

My precum soaked the fur pillows making them warm and slippery. I would draw my head out to the tip and then slide back in shuddering with ecstacy. Each stroke was pure heaven.

As my virgin c*ck stroked in and out I got to a point where I felt small one-time contractions start to shudder through me. They were strong and more pleasurable and unlike the feelings I had been experiencing.

All of a sudden my cock exploded with the pleasure of my first orgasm. I still can still remember the contractions of bliss that shot threw my body and errupted out of the end of my long hard c*ck.

(I was so young that I was still shooting blanks, but the feeling was not any less. lol)

I was shocked by what happened, as I had no clue about what an orgasm was. All I knew is that it was the best feeling in the world. It was awhile later that I learnt that what I did was masturbating and that I had an orgasm.

I laid there in a spent heap a little confussed by it all, but eager to try it again. That night was the first night of what became my bed time masturbation ritual.

Since that day I have masturbated all most every day and I love it as much as I did then. Although I am 37 (I look like I am 10 year younger) I can easily cum 3 or more times a day masturbating myself, even when I am in a relationship and having sex usually once a day. Maybe it is like working out. lol

My biggest turn on is reading about or watching a women masturbate. I love reading the stories on this site and have had some amazing orgasms which I will write about later. Thanks to all the ladies for writing! Especially the girl-girl ones!

If you visit the site often and haven't written I encourage you to do so. I have gotten so hot from my recollection of my first time that I am super hard and will soon be blasting cum out in an explosive orgasm!



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