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My First Time

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This happened when I was fourteen and a half. I remember my age because the three sisters that I met at the time, Becky had just turned 14, Melissa was 15 and two months, and her older sister Susie 16 and a four months. My parents and their parents had vacation homes in the mountains. I was an only child. My mother and I would go there for the summer months. My father would come up on Friday nights and leave late Sunday night.

Melissa and I became good friends almost immediately. Put first let me describe all three sisters. First they were all cute, Susie could have been a beauty queen. Becky was about 4'8' with more brown hair than blonde hair. Her body was just developing and she had small breasts. Melissa was 5'2', a little shorter than me, at the time I was 5'6' (now 6'1'). She had short blonde hair that came to her shoulders, and breasts that would have been between a B and a C cup. Melissa had nice legs and thighs. Susie as I stated could have been a beauty queen. Susie was 5'9' she told me. Susie's breasts had to be C breasts because she was large, and very nice legs. All three were great looking I can't say enough about that.

During the long summer days we would go to the pool in our neighborhood or to one of the two lakes. There would be many other people there but we would stay pretty much to ourselves. I liked this, having three beautiful girls sitting with me (and sometimes our moms). I was athletically built and had just started playing football in junior high. Being a young kid it didn't take long for me to become aroused around these girls. I would jump in to the pool or lake to cool off a lot and to let my hard on retreat.

Melissa often followed me when I thought no one had noticed. Melissa would jump on my back in the water and work her way around to my front many times brushing her hand against my hard on before the cold water got to it. I thought at the time she did this by accident.

Since it was just my mom and I during the week in the evenings we would go to Connie's house (the girls mother) and we would take dinner over or just to hang out. My mother and Connie would sometimes go out and leave the four of us telling us not to get into trouble. The four of us would watch TV or play cards in the beginning. The girls all had TV's in their bedrooms. Susie controlled the TV in the living room. Melissa and I would sit together. After about two weeks of this and when Susie wanted to watch a show Melissa and I didn't like, we would go to Melissa's room. The rule in the house was that the door could not be shut.

Now the good part, the first time this happened Melissa and I ran upstairs to her room and we closed the door with just a crack open. Melissa and her sisters all had their own bedrooms. Melissa's room had a dresser with a large mirror over it (this is important in later events that I will tell) a double bed and a large over-stuffed chair. The very first time this happened I was hoping more than TV would happen and it did.

After Melissa came back from the door she turned on the TV low and came right over to me. She asked me why I always had a hard on. I was a little embarrassed to say the least. She said she noticed that I was almost always trying to hide my hard on. I asked her how she new because I thought I was hiding it pretty well when I had one. She told me she saw it everyday and that is why she follows me in to the water so she could touch it. Well my penis was almost hard before this, now it was straining in my shorts. She pointed at it saying you have one now. I admitted I had a hard on because she was so hot. (While it was all three of them that made me hard) I was trying to see where this was going. Melissa asked me if I ever took care of my hard on. Now I was only fourteen and a half and I had tried masturbation several times and I never had success in cumming. I told Melissa I had tried but wasn't good at it. I asked if she ever masturbated. Melissa not being shy said all the time, at least once, sometimes twice a day.

Wow, this was going better than I could imagine. The whole time we are talking she is looking at my shorts. Melissa than asked if she could see my dick. Since she was straightforward with me I said only if I could see your pussy. Melissa went to the door and looked down the hallway. The TV was on and her two sisters were talking so she left the door open just a crack and came back and said you first.

I told Melissa we had to do it at the same time. First she had to take off her t-shirt and bra and I would take off my shirt we both had our shoes off. Melissa was fast at taking off her shirt and bra. She said she wanted to see my dick. I just stared at her tits. Melissa's tits were beautiful, nice and round with nipples that stood out straight from the cold mountain air in the room. It was the first set of tits I had ever seen without a bra. My dick was about to shoot its load and was straining in my shorts. I knew I had to control myself. I wanted to see Melissa's pussy so bad. Melissa slid her shorts down at the same time that I slid mine down. Seeing her little blonde mound was almost more than my dick could take. Melissa went back to the door to make sure we were still alone and we were. Melissa came back and looked at my dick. Melissa asked me to sit in the chair. It was a big comfortable chair with large over stuffed arms. All I wanted was to see her pussy so of course I sat in the chair. Melissa sat on the floor Indian style in front of me and told me to spread my legs so she could get a better look at my dick and balls. I was standing tall all of six inches and my balls were hard as golf balls. Melissa didn't want to touch me but wanted me to stroke my dick. My dick was so going to cum if I did this I had to think of football or something so I wouldn't blast my cum on Melissa. I told Melissa if I stroked my dick I would cum, she said she wanted to see me cum. I told her I wanted to see more pussy. Melissa stood up and came close to my face with her pussy. What do you want to see she said, then she said she was so horny she was going to cum. Melissa rubbed her clit round and round (which I found out later was her hot spot) and start to moan. I was afraid that her sisters would hear us and then she kind of just fell on me.

I still had my hard on to my amazement but Melissa's pussy was rubbing against my arm with her hand still moving on her clit. She kept murmuring she was cumming. I shot the first load in my life up on Melissa's belly, rope after rope of cum. I had never felt this way before. My head was in its glory and my dick and my balls had never felt this good before. Melissa kept rubbing her clit and pussy until she came again.

Melissa knew what she was doing, she had done this before and she recovered quickly. Melissa then stood back and ran in to the bathroom. She said she had to pee. The bathroom was connected to her bedroom and she left the door open. I could see her on the toilet and she grabbed a washcloth and wet it from the sink and wiped my cum off of her stomach.

Melissa came back with a warm washcloth. She noticed that I was hard again and she couldn't believe it. I said what I just saw was turning me on. This time she went and got a towel and baby oil and laid on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. She spread her legs so I could look right at her pussy and squirted oil all over her pussy and then she just rubbed her pussy. Melissa told me to put baby oil on my dick then this would make it easier for me to cum. With Melissa rubbing her pussy I didn't need a whole lot of oil. Melissa rolled on her back with her legs still spread apart but up in the air giving me the view most guys would have died for. It only took me a couple of minutes before I came. It took Melissa about ten minutes, I loved the show.

This was our first time but there were many more times. Also we caught Becky outside the door after our seventh time of watching TV by ourselves. Susie got curious a couple of days after Becky found out. Needless to say my summer turned into the best summer I ever had. I will tell you all more if you want to hear.



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