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My First Time

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I was twelve or thirteen at the time, growing up in a small farming community in upstate New York. I was, and still am, a cute petite blonde with 34B breasts and a shapely ass. I have been told many times that my ass is my best feature. At that time in my life I had discovered the pleasures of touching my private parts and enjoying the ticklish sensations that I experienced by doing that. I would do this at night in my bed, under the covers, in the darkness of my room. I would detect a slight moistness in the warm slit between my legs and enjoyed the feel of my soft outer lips as I gently rubbed. Occasionally, I would slide my index finger inside my virgin opening to feel the tightness of my pussy. At the time, I had not discovered the pleasure of rubbing my clit, nor had I experienced an orgasm. I did not know what an orgasm even was. I was content with the silent pleasure of touching my most private parts and drifting off to sleep.

I had been doing this for several months when one night at a sleepover with one of my girlfriends, who was a couple of years older than me (about 15 or 16 years old), she asked me if I played with myself and had I ever had an orgasm. This subject came up after we had been exchanging 'girl' talk and talking about boyfriends and sex. She had a steady boyfriend and had been recently involved in heavy necking and petting with him. She told me that she had allowed him to fondle her pussy and had recently had her first orgasm from his manipulations. Like me, she had never brought herself to orgasm and the discovery of this delightful pleasure had come as a surprise to her. She told me that after this happened she had started to 'do it to herself' and now enjoyed it on a regular basis. I was shocked and blushing from her broaching this subject and stammered that 'no' I did not play with myself and had no idea what an orgasm was. She sort of smiled at me and told me I didn't know what I was missing. She said if I ever did decide to 'play with myself', to just gently touch and rub my private area between my legs. She said to moisten my fingers first and it wouldn't take long before I would become wet between my legs. She told me there was a small 'nub' at the top of a pussy and to concentrate on rubbing that in a circular motion with my fingers. She told me it would begin to feel better and better. When that happens, don't stop, just keep rubbing and you will be able to bring on the spasms of an orgasm. I was taken off guard by this most intimate conversation and stammered that maybe I would try 'it' sometime but for right now I was tired and would really like to get some sleep. She just smiled and said maybe it is time to turn off the lights and get some sleep. (Sorry, guys, no girl to girl sex to share with you, this is a true story).

A couple of nights later I was in my bed at home and I could not get the thoughts of the conversation with my girlfriend out of my head. This was the time of day that I had touched myself in the past but never to completion. I decided to find out for myself if I could make the pleasure she told me about, a reality. My bedroom was dark and I was under my covers. I had on a flannel nightie (it was wintertime) but had not worn any panties underneath in anticipation of what I was about to do. My breasts have never really been a sensitive pleasure spot for me, so I bypassed them, moistened the fingers on my right hand and brought them down to the soft warm spot between my legs. I touched my outer lips as I had in the past and gently rubbed. I became moist from the manipulation and slid a finger inside myself. I brought my index and middle fingers to the top of my opening and probed for the 'nub' my girlfriend said I would find. Yes!!!!, there it was. I'm not sure why I had never been aware of it previously. I began to gently rub my clit in a circular and gentle motion. I found it was too sensitive to rub directly and used the lips of my labia to provide a gliding cover for my clit. Oh, this did feel nice. I slowly discovered what felt best, and alternated between rubbing my clit and then sliding my finger down occasionally to enter my wet opening. I picked up a rhythm that seemed to feel best and was anxious to bring myself to my first orgasm. Several minutes passed and the sensation intensified. My girlfriend had said 'don't stop' and I had no intention of doing that. I was feeling better and better and wetter and wetter. The juices flowing from my pussy were more than sufficient to lubricate my fingers gliding around my clit. I now was at a point I had never been at before. I sped my finger play up and knew that I was close to my prize. Electricity seemed to be flowing from my clit. I was on the edge and I didn't stop. Suddenly, my entire body tensed up and my pussy began to spasm...one, two, three, four and then a fifth spasm wracked my body. My God! did it feel wonderful! What bliss. The spasms subsided and I gently held my fingers still, on my now soaked pussy. Thank you girlfriend for the fantastic advice, I thought to myself. I fell into a peaceful sleep within minutes of my orgasm.

This is the story of my discovery of masturbation. I hope both men and women enjoyed it. Although I am straight it would delight me to know that other women might find this story erotic and for you men, if you stroked off to my words that is a turn-on to me also. I am most interested in stories of solo female masturbation and also first time orgasms. I also enjoy stories of females masturbating in each others presence. Again, although I am heterosexual a real turn-on to me is other females and their masturbation experiences. I would love to share other masturbation experiences of mine with other females. Let me know.

I hope you enjoyed.




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