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My First Summer

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A couple of summers ago I just turned 12 and right after school ended we moved. It is my mom and my little sister and I. We lived in Main and we moved to Florida so my mom got a better job and we got a bigger house. I have my own room now and stuff. I was too big for my old bed in Main so we sold it there and I got a new one after we moved but for like a week I didn't have anything in my room except suitcases of my clothes on the floor. I had a little tent that mom let me put up in the back yard to sleep in. When I was setting it up a boy next to us sees me and comes over and helps me. His name is Philip and he was 12 like me but our birthdays are like 11 months apart so he is almost a year older than me. So we set up my tent and we are friends already and I ask him to sleep in my tent that night and we get sleeping bags and put them in and he asks me to go swimming in their pool. My mom says OK but Main was still cold and I didn't have any shorts or swimsuit that fitted when we moved so we left all the old stuff back there. So Philip says he has some extra that don't fit him anymore since he was bigger than me so we go to his room and all he has are small suits that they wear for swim teams. I find out he is on a swim team.

It was like a 100 degrees out. I never felt it so hot before and I was dying. I never wore a little suit like that but I wanted to go swimming bad so I tried it. I was shocked but Philip got all naked in front of me. I never saw a boy do that. I saw his penis was a lot bigger than mine and hung down and the head has no skin on it but stuck out and his balls were hanging down and he had some hair but only a little. I was just looking at him and he tells me to hurry up. At first I didn't want to get naked because then I was smaller and had no hair there. My skin was completely white then to. I saw Philip was real tan except where his swim suit was and looked like he had on small white briefs underwear on but then I got naked too and we put our suits on. They fit tight and his privates showed through his suit and mine did to a little extent but he told me that's the way they are supposed to fit and it is easier to swim in than the big regular swim shorts. We go downstairs and he asks his mom to let us swim but she puts sunblock on us first. I never used any before but the sun is worse in Florida than Main is. He stood there when his mom rubbed it on all over and even under like an inch of the top and inside the legs of his suit. She did that to me too and I was afraid I would get a boner and it would show but even when she even touched my balls a little it was fast and I didn't get one.

We went swimming for a long time because it was hot all afternoon. When playing in the pool we were wrestling and stuff and I could see he got a boner. I thought it was real big and I got one too but not like his. His would go up against his belly and I wished mine did that because mine would go out straight and stick out like three inches and show more than his. His mom made us get out to take a break once. His boner was almost sticking out the top of his suit and his mom could see but he didn't care. I had one too but I tried to hide it. Philip wanted to lay in the sun and his mom made us put on more sun block and I could tell she felt the end of his boner because he jumped a little when she did that. She put some on me again to and I still had a boner too but it wasn't sticking up so she didn't feel it but she felt my balls again. We laid there and then went swimming more.

His mom asks my mom over for dinner and we grill stuff outside. Our mom's took pictures of me and Philip because we made friends right away and stuff. I have the pictures and they are funny because Philip had a brown suit that was almost the same as his tan and he almost looks naked and I had a black suit that makes my skin look even whiter. I have a tan now but I didn't then.

So we swam more after we ate and played some games on his computer and it was dark when his mom made us go to bed in my tent. Philip had to go to bed early because we went to his teams swim practice at 6:00am so we got up at like 5:30am.

We decided to stay in our suits because he had practice in the morning and it was hot and I didn't have shorts. He said I could go with him to practice and his coach would let me try out for the team but I never swam much so I didn't think I was good but he let me on the team anyway. Anyway we were laying on our sleeping bags because it was hot and we started to wrestle around a little and we both got boners again. I couldn't help it and it just happened. So we stopped and I laid on my belly to hide my boner but Philip was laying on his back and his boner is showing. He sees me looking at it and he is like rubbing it with his fingers up and down and he tells me that it is growing a lot bigger in the last year and he started making cum a few months before. I didn't know what to say but I still was watching him and he asks me if I made cum yet and I said I didn't think so. I didn't know about jacking off and masturbation and stuff much and never tried really. He told me that he wore his suit to bed a couple weeks before and had a wet dream and it messed his suit and he didn't really see it showed until some kids said something at swim practice. He forgot until then that he didn't wear his suit to sleep after that. His mom already had the door locked and he was afraid he would get in trouble if he woke his mom because we were supposed to be asleep. He asked me if I would mind if he slept naked. I never slept naked with a boy before but I didn't want him to get in trouble so I said I didn't care. I actually wanted to see him bare again to see his hair and see his big penis with the head sticking out. He couldn't get his suit untied so I held a flashlight so he could see to untie it and he took his suit off all the way and I could see his privates. It was probably like a little longer than 4 inches but not 5 inches but it looked big to me then. It was fatter than mine to. So we are looking at it and is sticking up about half way but not straight up like mine. He tells me that it feels a lot cooler with his suit off and he tells me I should try it. I was real hot, I never felt so hot at night so I thought about it for a couple minutes but then I turned around and took my suit off and he held the flashlight. He pointed it at my privates and I had a little boner and it stuck straight up like three inches and the skin was covering up the head. Philip asks me about all the skin on the end and he saw one other kid like that when changing at a swim meet. He asks me what it is like and if I had a bubble on the end like his. I said yes and I pulled the skin down and showed him and he said that was cool. I asked to see his hair and he puts the light on it and shows me. He had like a dozen hairs and were starting to get curly. He was pulling them a little showing me how long they are. He asked me if I got hair yet but I said no and he said they are hard to see at first so he leans over and looks close and feels there he said he could see some growing. I look and I could see some blonde hairs but they were real small but it made me feel good. I asked Philip if I could look at his so he lays back down and I look real close at his he lets me feel them. He asked me to count them and I start but his boner is in the way so he tells me to push it away. I never touched another boy there before but I held it with my thumb and finger out of the way. I counted 16 hairs but his boner was real hard and I felt it move.

He wanted to look at the skin on mine and I felt his so I said OK and he felt mine and pulled the skin up and down. He asked me if I wanted to do something else that was fun and I said what? He told me to copy him and he started to rub my boner up and down real fast. He told me to do that to him so I did. We did that a while and I started to feel dizzy a little. I told him but he said it would feel real good pretty soon. I had to stop playing with his but he kept rubbing mine and I felt my body get stiff and shake and I thought I peed on us. Philip stopped and I said that felt good and he told me to do his so I did and pretty soon he kind of did the same as me but he shot cum out like 3 or 4 times. I never saw it before but I knew what it was because he told me before he made some. A couple times it went on his chest and belly and the rest kind of went on my fingers and his penis and hair and balls. We felt it all slippery and he dared me to taste it. At first I didn't want to but he did it so I tried it too and it was OK.

It got all watery and we rubbed it all over him and then he jumps on me and it gets all over my chest and belly too. I felt his penis on mine but they got soft again. He said we should wash off and he crawled outside all naked. I said, 'What are you doing?' and he said, 'We can wash off in my pool.' I said not to go naked but he said no one can see and he talks me in to it. We go over in his pool and we swim for like a half hour but real quiet so no one wakes up. We get out and he dares me to run naked around the house. At first I wouldn't because the street is in front but he starts running so I did to. We get back and run to my tent. We are dry before we get there. It was hot even at night. We get in and we said that was cool but he told us we better get to sleep so we do.

His mom woke us in the morning and she was looking in the tent and she saw us all naked. I thought she would be mad at us but she just told us to get up she got our suits where they were near the door and threw them at us and said to get dressed and get breakfast. We both had boners and had to pee and Philip ran in his house naked right away but I put my suit on first. I ran in the house and Philip was peeing with the door open and he says come in and we peed together. I never did that before either. We ate and went to his swim practice.

We did the same thing every night until I got my new bed and stuff and my mom made me sleep inside again. She let me join the swim team and she got tired of waking me up every morning real early so she let us sleep out again but soon the mosquitoes and bugs got bad and we slept in Phillips room. His mom let us sleep naked and didn't care. We masturbated almost every night together and tried it a lot of different ways like laying on top of each other.

We still do stuff but not as often as that first summer and only masturbate, not any other stuff.



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