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My First Sexy Underwear

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My parents were very VERY strict with me, far stricter than with my older sister which made me hate her! She was allowed to wear whatever she wanted, go out whenever she wanted and even stay out overnight. I know even when this happened and she was 17 that she was fucking and had been for some years. I think my parents had given her up as a bad job.

Not me though. 'You aren't wearing THAT out of the house, Jessica.' 'You most certainly can NOT buy that bra.' So from 14 on I was in really ugly underwear and clothes that covered absolutely everything.

Until one day.

Our parents had taken Lucy, (my sister) to look at a college and I was home alone with STRICT instructions what I should and should not do, plus a host of chores. I belted into those jobs so angry that I had finished them by late morning.

Then I went into Lucy's room. I had decided to try on some of her clothes so I rummaged around in her underwear drawer and found, can you believe it... THONGS. I picked a lovely white lacey pair and put it on. I felt horny in an instant and knew I was already making a bit of a mess in it, if you know what I mean. I found a really sexy bra and put that on too and then I turned my attention to her clothes. I found an almost see through white dress and slipped it on. Can't say how horny I felt. I looked at myself in the mirror and when I moved, I felt the thong between my legs and my bare ass cheeks against the dress. No use, I was going to have to get myself off, and soon.

But I hadn't finished yet. There was one drawer in her room that everyone knew was private. I was in there in a flash and under a couple of sweaters I found a vibrator! My dirty older sister had a vibrator.

I lay on her bed and opened my legs. BOY did I feel the thong when I did that!! I twiddled the switch on the vibe and touched it to my clit through the thong. I swear to God, I nearly wet myself. It was like 20 mins of gentle masturbation in a nanosecond. Very shortly after I had tugged the thong to one side and was holding the vibe to my clit which was about ready to explode. Then I caught sight of myself in the mirror. IT was THAT that made me cum in massive waves. I looked soooo horny.

After some minutes I came down to earth which left me with some problems. One, I had my sisters thong which was soaked through. Second, I couldn't remember which way round the vibrator had been in the drawer and third I had made some wet stains on her bed. (Fourth, the room smelled of my pussy)

I cleaned the vibe up and put it away, and decided to put the thong in the wash. Not much more I could do really.

When they came home I acted all innocent, but soon after 9:00pm Lucy was standing in my bedroom.

'One,' she said' my vibrator doesn't live where you put it. Two, you may as well keep this' She flicked her by now very sticky thong at me. 'Mom will think it's mine when it goes in the wash.'

Then she smiled and said 'Good cum?' All I could do was reply with 'ooooohh yeahh!'



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