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My First Sexual Encounter With Nikki

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It is Elle, Rod's fiance, as I've sat beside him a few times while he has typed a few stories up, now its my turn


I had been skipped ahead a grade early on so I was 1 to 2 years younger than everyone else.

One weekend one of my friends was having a slumber party of sorts and since I went to a school that was somewhat small where all the grades got along fairly well and it was a kinder to year 12 school we occasionally got to mix with the older kids.

So one weekend a friend of mine was having a slumber party and we had it down in the basement which was almost a whole house itself downstairs so we had plenty of room to mess around without bothering her parents. Nikki was one of the older girls that was invited, I had met her on a few other occassions before hand.

I was known amongst the girls the one that wore the gloves and they pretty much had accepted that by now and since it was cold I brought a few extra pairs of warmer ones and normal ones just in case they wanted to have some on as well, which in the end we all ended up wearing them and had fun pretending to be posh like as I had a couple 'fancy' ones. I was wearing my favourite ones, which at the time were a pair of white (i just love white) just past cuff length thin cotton-like gloves. We were all in winter pyjamas so you could only see from wrist out, and all the girls were wearing the ones I had bought by the time bedtime came around

We were sleeping on the floor with a few king size mattresses side by side, there was about 8 of us so it was fairly spread out amongst the mattresses. Anyway her mum had turned down the heating at night so we wouldnt get hot, and we had about 4 or 5 donna covers so there was no chance of that.

I get up around 1am to go to the toilet, and it was a bit chilly out of the covers and the toilet wasnt far so I quickly rush to the toilet, I had wished they had heated toilet seats back then cause it was absolutely freezing.

I quickly dashed back after going to the loo and jumped back in. on one side of me was Nikki, and when I got back in I touched one of her legs with my cold feet as her pants were scrunched up from being under the covers, and I hear a 'geez your feet are cold'

(Before I go on, nikki at the time was 16, so she was 21 when she first met Rod at the cosplay store, thats if he hadn't clarified that earlier)

I apologize and rub her leg with my hand to warm it up again

'They feel nice' She says to me. Not sure what she meant by that I ask her...'The gloves I mean, they feel nice'

Not sure how to take it I just say 'oh ok'

Nikki then rolls over and faces me. She is wearing similar gloves to me but hers are a little more furrier, and I noticed they didnt go as far down on her as they did on me, to which then I noticed she had longer fingers, which I noticed and questioned her about them.

Nikki at that stage was a bit self-conscious of her hands as she felt they were abnormal, but I said that they are pretty and I wish I had hands like hers.

I dont know what came over me or her but when she put her hand on her face in shyness, I felt a tingling sensation in my vagina. Nikki then without warning moved closer and kissed me on the lips.

The soft touch of her lips excited me, but I asked her what she did that for. 'I don't know, I wanted to try it, since my older sister does it alot' 'she likes girls more than boys?' I ask her?

'yeah she does, its weird but im used to it now' she tells me.

She asks if she can touch my breasts, which at that stage were just minor bumps, but you could grab something, I get a bit worried and ask if she is going to start doing bad things to me. She laughs a bit and says no she wouldn't do that and tells me that if I don't want to do anything, she wont make me do it.

I ask to touch her breasts first then, and seeing as she developed around the same age as me, she had a good chest going now. I put my hand up her shirt and feel her soft breasts.

'They do feel good, even better on my boobs' she told me, talking about the gloves I was wearing

'Can you feel mine now?' I whisper to her. I manage to get a button undone and I let her slip a hand into my top and let her massage my nipples

'does that feel good?' she asks me, I tell her that it does, and its nice with those fuzzy gloves. From time to time my nipples would be a bit sore and irritated and when Nikki did that, its like a soothing sensation almost

She asks me if I masturbate, or play with myself. I truthfully answer saying I hadn't, as well I had never thought about it before. I ask if I can touch her pussy. She lets me and I have a feel around before I let her. She plays around in my pants for a while then finds my clit and starts massaging. I get this intense feeling all over my body. She stops just before I peak.

I ask to see her breasts, so she undoes her buttons on her top and reveals her breasts, which are about a D-cup if not bigger as her cup size fluctuated alot when she was in highschool depending on how active she was. One stage she went E-cup, while gathering attention of the boys, wasnt exactly well liked amongst the girls and was accused of stuffing her bra, which then one day she tears off her top and shows her breasts. after that, she wasnt really bugged by the girls then. Anyway back to my story. At this point in time she was about a D-cup and I just stare at them and I move a bit closer. I tell her to play with me again.

She puts her fuzzy gloved hand down my pants and finds my clit again. I get the intense feeling over my body again and I just stuff my face into her chest and let out a medium yell, which is muffled by the blankets.

I didnt orgasm that night but I certainly came darned close to it.

Nikki stopped when I yelled but I told her it was ok I just became really excited. I want to type more but I have to go now, so tomorrow I will do the rest of the story

so to be continued............



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