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My First Sex Experience Was a Game

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My First Sexual Experience Came as a Game
- With My Cousin

Well, I am a 14 yr. old and I started masturbating just last year, when I came across a site like this one; I learned about it, and when I tried it it was GREAT!
Well, over the summer, my cousin spent a week over at our house, she is a year and a half younger than me. It was a Friday and we were alone, so she decided that we play a game where one of us (meaning my sis, me or her) got in a closet, giving the other two to do something silly and freeze when the other person opens the closet. Since me and my sis never got along, she was in every game. At first it started out with silly stuff like fake fights and stuff. But then, when it was me and her's turn, she grabbed me and pretended to be making out with me, then she started moving her hands up and down my back and slipped my shirt off. She whispered to me to play along, so I did. When I slipped her shirt off and undid her bra, her pointy, big nipples sorta turned me on, and I got all wet. Then she surprised me as she kissed me on the lips hard and stuck her toungue in my mouth; I didn't know what to do, but I must say I enjoyed it. Then she told me to get on the bed, so I did. She pulled off her jeans and panties, and I just froze. Then she did the same to me, and I didn't object. She pretended she was a guy and "did me" doggy style; she even started to moan, and I did too, and I thought it was just to play along, but then I realized it really did feel good, her pussy was all wet and I could feel her juices on my butt.
Afterwards, she turned me on my back and sat over my crotch, and started to hump me slowly, and GOSH did it feel good. We started to really moan, and she was screaming, "OH YES BABY! FUCK ME!" I started to cum too, and our juices against each other was like a lubricant. She started building up speed and I was really enjoying myself, and I realized it was no longer a game!
She licked my erectish tits, and I got goosebumps as she sucked away. She continued her humping as well. By then she she had orgasmed and I had too a minute later. Then we got in a 69 position and I gasped when she started to lick my tender, wet, hairy pussy. Her tits were rubbing my belly and the tickles and movements from her toungue were too much. I jabbed my toungue up her vagina and started sucking away, fucking her little, short-haired pussy with my toungue, stimulating her clit with my fingers. Her juices tasted so good, and I "fucked her" harder. She started moaning again, and I did too. "SUCK MY PUSSY!" she was yelling. "SUUCK MY PUSSSSSY! AHH! UHH . . . " She came all over my lips. Then we just layed there on top of each other for a few minutes, and got dressed.
Little did we realize my sister went through our shared closet to her room to watch TV on full-blast volume.
The next day my parents were at work again and my little sis had to go to school cause she goes to another district, so we played with each other in the shower, washing each others' boobs and butts, and she even kneeled down and licked my pussy; even though it felt wrong I let her go on cause it felt sooooo good . . .and I had another orgy right there. She sucked on my tit again and this time I returned the favor to both. I made her lay down in the tub as I gave her a "girl bj" you might call it, and she kept moaning and groaning as I teased her clit with my toungue and sucked on it, sometimes shoving my toungue in her pussy. Then she came, so I moved up to her tits, and man were they delish; mmmm, they were so soft from all my sucking and licking. We were in the tub for almost an hour!
Well, that's it, it felt good to let that out, we never did anything again, and I put it out of my head for a while cause it felt kinda immoral, until I came across here -Lila



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