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My First Orgasm (in the Pool)

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I was a very late developer in terms of sexuality and relationships. My parents were very conservative and never discussed sex. So when I was 15 I used to release my sexual frustration by lying on my bed on my front and rubbing backwards and forewards on my hips. It felt great, but it wasn't an orgasm!

That summer my parents and I went on a holiday to the South of France, we stayed in a hotel by the beach. It was the best holiday I ever had. Read on...

When there, my parents met this other couple on holiday. we had dinner together, did stuff and had fun basically. And they had a gorgeous 14-year-old daughter. Slim, long straight hair, beautiful face, big brown eyes. Basically perfect, and I was getting myself off EVERY night thinking about her.

We got on well, messed around together during the day and got a bit of a friendship going. One day, probably about 5 days in, I was swimming in the pool. Amanda was looking very horny on the edge. I was just about to go inside for some relief when she jumped in next to me. We chatted a bit and then out of the blue she said,

'Have you ever had a wank underwater?'. I said 'No' and she started stroking my stomach, before releasing my cock and balls from my trunks.

It was the first time I had been sexual with a girl and it was amazing. She was playing with my cock like a pro and after a bit I was breathing heavily, my arm against the side of the pool.

'Is this your first handjob?' she asked. I said no and she just smiled, looking beautiful and stroking me harder. Soon I felt that delicious ache in my loins, and my whole body began to tingle.

All around the pool people were sunbathing and fooling around, completely unaware that this gorgeous girl was masturbating me under the water. It was incredibly erotic and I was starting to moan as the pleasure became too much. She put her finger to her lips and went shhhhh, squeezing the base of my cock. She wanted me to last as long as possible, but after a bit I couldn't bear the tension in my body any longer and I begged her to finish me off.

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and duly obliged, and soon I was moaning louder than before. We kissed, and I pretty soon reached my first proper orgasm just as she sucked on my tongue. I felt a shiver down my spine and then an unbelievable, throbbing wave of sheer bliss as I came. It was so intense I almost passed out, and it felt like three years of sexual tension had been sated in a heartbeat. I was completely spent so we just kissed each other, and held each other in the water.

Needless to say that was the first of several sublime hand jobs over the remainder of the holiday, when I also got my first taste of pussy. But that's another story.



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