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My First Orgasm at Choir Camp

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This is 100% true


Back in my choir days we would have an annual trip to the mountains and stay in the old vicarage. The days were spent voice training and learning new hymns etc. But the nights proved to be as much of a learning experience for me as the days.

Three of us were given on room to sleep in. It was the lounge room and we just had our sleeping bags on the floor only a couple of feet apart from each other. Neil, David an I had all grown up together and our families were good friends. Neil was almost two years older than me and David was about 18 months older.

A bit of background.

Neil used to come over to my place after school on a fairly regular basis and we would go through my Dad's stack of Playboys. All very bland compared to today's offerings. Anyway while we were flicking through the pages, hormones being hormones, we both soon began to get hardons in our school shorts. Then one day completely out of the blue Neil pulled down his pants and revealed to me his very impressive cock. It was about 7' and uncut. He had a dead straight cock with a dark brown dense bush above and a happy trail.

I was a bit shocked to see him just pull down his gear, but then he placed his hand around his dick and began to slowly stroke it back and forth. I'd heard of guys wanking but had never seen anyone do it. I had tried many times and had not yet managed to come.

Neil asked me if I wanted to touch it. I was a bit apprehensive and he assured me that it would be OK. So I placed my hand over his and began to jack him off. I liked the feeling of how hard he was and the silkiness of his skin. Neil's foreskin retracted all the way over his knob and it was glistening with pre-cum. I was still working his cock when he took over from my limited experienced hands and began to do himself the way that he liked it. While he was batting off he asked me if he could see mine. I was like I don't know, but he said that I had seen his so it was only fair.

So I undid my school pants and pulled down my jocks to reveal my very hard and pointing straight up uncut cock. I had just the beginnings of some pubes. Nothing like Neils full bush. He asked me if I could come yet. I said no.

He then reached over and touched me. It sent a shock through me, almost electrifying. He started to work my cock as his pace on himself increased. Then his breathing became faster and then he erupted as his cum spewed from his cock. He must have shot about three or four big spurts of come which landed all over the carpet.

I was amazed. I had never seen a guy come before, or even seen it in porn.

Then when Neil had recovered he started asking me about things like did I play with myself, I said yes but no matter how hard or long I tried I was unable to come. He said lets try and he started to play with my cock. jacking me, playing with my balls as he did. Yet nothing. He just said the I wasn't ready yet, which I guess was true. But boy did I so want to experience what I had just seen.

This ritual became a bit of a regular event between us and I admit I did enjoy participating and watching Neils load spray all over the place. He eventually taught me how to wank him the way he liked it.

I would be leaking precum but still no release, but that was about to change.

So fast forward to the choir camp.

We had gone to bed, David on the left, me in the middle and Neil on the right hand side. We had undressed and were just sleeping in our jocks. After all the talking was done we started to try and get some sleep. I slid my hand down my jocks and began to play with myself and I could hear some similar familiar noises coming from Neils sleeping bag.

I whispered are you doing what I think you are?

Yes he replied.

Then I heard him very quietly and slowly start to undo the zip of his bag. As he laid there I could see the outline of his stiff cock straining against his jocks. He motioned for me to undo my bag as well. I had to do this very quietly so that we didn't wake David.

I took Neils super hard cock in my hands and began to work my new found talents. He was really getting into it while playing with my hard young dick. It wasn't too long and I could tell that the end was inevitable. His balls drew up and then I felt his shaft spasm and throb as his come flew out of his slit and land on his stomach with an almost audible splat.

Then Neil began to fondle my screaming erection and said to me I think you should be able to come now that you have got a good amount of pubic hair. Which was true, it had been about six months since our initial encounter.

Neil then took some of his come and used it as lube as he began to wank me off. It was an amazing feeling having another guys come smeared all over my dick and that just added to my horniness. And all this time David was not three feet from us. I'm sure that he must have heard what we were doing. He probably was jacking himself off too. May be we should have gone there, but we didn't.

I was lying on my back as he worked his magic, caressing my balls while working my shaft. It was incredible, I was lost to the world as an unknown pleasure began to sweep over me. I began to feel a deep stirring inside me and then I felt that I needed to pee. I said this to Neil and he said just relax and go with it.

I did and the feelings got more and more intense until it almost became unbearable. Then it started almost from my feet. Waves of intense ecstasy flooded my entire body. My breathing quickened and then it hit me like a truck. I absolutely erupted.

Torrid torrents of my first ever ejaculation flew from my cock landing all over my stomach. I was totally in awe as to what I had experienced and satisfied that finally I was a man. It was so cool that Neil had brought me across the divide from boy to man.

We continued our relationship for a few years then he got a bit spun out about it and didn't want to be seen as gay. I said it wasn't gay, just two guys pleasuring themselves, but it wasn't to be.

All the names are real and I wonder if Neil or David get to read this?

If you do, thanks for the good times.




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