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My First Orgasm, and My Best Ever

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A true story of delight, with a request for advice how I can reach that feeling again


I am a Dutch 50-year-old (married) man, and sexually very active. I am addicted to masturbation, and the stories of the site of Proaxis and later Solo Touch have for years made me cum already for years, I long for the stories everyday, I love it, go on with it forever! You have fans all over the world.

It's time to contribute a real story of my own life. It is the story of my very first orgasm, the moment that changed my life forever. At the end I ask some advice to get that wonderful feeling back.

I was sexually very naïve when I was a teenager and I did not experience my first orgasm before I was 18 years old, caused by the lovely hands of my first serious girlfriend and classmate Mandy. Mandy had a beautiful slim figure, long dark hair and a tanned skin.

Until that moment I did not know anything about cumming, I had wet dreams etc but didn't know why. I dated Mandy for about half a year already. She was rather shy, had more experience than I had (I discovered later on), but we did not talk about sex, so we just fumbled around a bit and loved each other platonically, but we were very much in love. When we were together we caressed each other a bit but I did not know what it would cause. You may be astonished: okay it was naïve but I am convinced that the total ignorance of what an orgasm was, made that first orgasmic explosion so delightful because I was so totally overwhelmed by it.

I will tell you how it happened.

We passed the final exam of the Dutch secondary and celebrated it several weeks together with our friends. In that time (summer 1973) in Holland it was the habit that every classmate organised a party and you just travelled from one party to the next. One friend organised a party at the holiday-bungalow of his parents, where we stayed all together, for a couple of days.

Mandy and I slept in the caravan that was in the garage, where it was totally private, silent and dark. The second evening it happened. I still get a huge erection when I remember that splendid moment.

I was lying on my back naked (in the dark), aroused a bit and sleepy. Mandy was naked too but I could not see her, I just felt her lovely presence. She was sitting on her knees and she smoothly caressed my cock which was still half flaccid. I played with her thick bush with my fingers but just as a warming up.

She whispered 'You like this?' 'Oh yes', I mumbled. She continued for some minutes to feel me up. My cock did not even get harder, it was not really jacking off, it just felt nice.

Suddenly a tremendous warm and delightful feeling started rushing through my body. It felt as if all my blood was concentrated at the head of my cock. My whole body started trembling, Mandy did not need to caress anymore, my shaking body took over the control completely, I almost fainted. My mind completely turned away, it felt as if I lost myself in totally heavenly unconsciousness. The feeling that built up in my cockhead was so intense and nice, it was incredible.

It must have been after some seconds that my cum started spurting. Wave after wave squirted over my body, it must have lasted at least fifteen seconds. My breast and belly were covered with warm cum.

Gradually I recovered from my deep sensation. Mandy did realise that it was my first time and was impressed by the tremendous force of my orgasm. My body and mind felt incredibly exhausted and relaxed. I immediately realised that I had experienced something without precedence and felt grateful for it.

My girlfriend has jerked me off several times after that, but it was never so delightful as before. Since then (32 years ago) I have masturbated almost daily, and I am trying to regain the wonderful feeling of that day. The problem is that the pre-knowledge of what I could experience makes it difficult to regain the same innocence as in that great night. I think I need someone else to help me, and my wife is good but not that good. If someone has good advice or has similar experiences, please write in on this beautiful site.

I hope you have enjoyed my story and that many of you masturbate when reading it.




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