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My First Orgasm and a Little More Stuff!

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This was about 2 or 3 years back... back in the day when I was young! (hahaha)


I guess I was around 11 or 12 years old when my family and I went to San Diego, we had a wonderful time. I won TWO prizes from a prize grabber (Yup... I got skizzials!) One was a white bear holding what seemed like a heart pillow, and the other was this pimpin' blue rat looking dude. I didn't like the bear one so I gave it to my younger sister after she begged for it for HOURS UPON HOURS!!! She is SO ANNOYING!
Well we went back home in Arizona, and I was in bed one night wondering why my penis wasn't as big as the ones I've seen in porn. I knew everything about sex except about my own self at this time. Knew why people did it, everything... Just didn't know about a boner! Well, not until this very day (well actually night) of two years ago did I really start to get a pure and 100% understanding. I suddenly got hard thinking about the big 'boobies' on the women I've seen and thought to myself.... 'That's how...!' I wondered if it would be like this for the rest of my life, and thought that would be pretty cool. I was also relieved that it was even bigger than the ones I've seen. Now this is where that prize grabber helped with my first masturbation AND orgasm! I knew IT felt good (Like I said earlier, everything except boners) so I took the blue doll thing, put it's legs together, pretended like it was the girl of my dreams, and stuck my throbbing member in between it's legs. The feeling was (like you've probably heard from so many people) SENSATIONAL! I couldn't believe ANYTHING could feel THIS GOOD! I had to force myself not to make any noise while ramming into the doll. I was very hard, and I wanted to save every last moment of this feeling! So I went slow, slowly, nearly teasing my whole body. I couldn't believe how great it felt, and how my boner was bigger than many other adults! My mouth opened to make some noise, but I was breathing so hard none came out (Thank goodness! I would have woken up the whole house!) Then I felt a change in my pattern I was going in. I couldn't help but to move the doll up and down my boner at nearly lightning speeds. I breathed very, very hard, but didn't make a sound! I was in a daze, I didn't even know I was still in my room, on my bed at the time, I didn't have any sense around me at all, other than I was getting the pleasure of my life! I started ramming my hips into it too, the legs on this doll were so soft, it was like most dolls, fuzzy, but yet... extremely soft. I came all over the place seemingly in my own mind, but really I just had a couple drops of sperm come out of my now throbbing member. I laid back in awe, while my senses came back to me. It was like a dream... very big penis, extremely wonderful feeling around my whole body... I couldn't believe it! I looked at the clock and couldn't believe it was already 11:00 PM, and I went to bed at 8:00 PM and started doing this at about 9:00 PM... I thought to myself, 'Time flies when you're having fun! And I definitely had some fun!' I chuckled and remembered that I had an early day tomorrow, so I went to sleep.
The next day, the only thing I could think about was the great jackin' off fun I had last night. I couldn't wait to get back home and do it some more. I was a hormone raging pre-teen at the time, and now I'm an even hormonier ragier teen right now! Heh, well I finally got home from a seemingly long day at school. And jumped in my bed. No one was home at the time, so I went right to it! I didn't even have a full erection and was already coming (and cumming) in just about 70 seconds! I didn't stop there, I came once again after doing it for hours (Using the same doll might I add) and then came...I then rubbed my penis for a while, trying to get it hard. Playing with it with my fingers and such. It took a while, but it finally did. And I went to work again, and just on the verge of another orgasm... But just then, I heard a knock on the front door... 'Bad Timing' I thought, and walked to the door after getting my clothes on. I was still horny and so I couldn't help but hope it was a very, very hot chick... And I got almost the opposite of that... See, there's this annoying girl named Emily, who's really, really butt ugly and hangs out with my sister... I immediately lost my hardness and slammed the door telling her my sister wasn't home... Then my Mom and Sister came home, just when I got the thought of Emily out of my head... I was so mad, it seems females really have bad timing! And right when I went to my room, thought about a very, very, fine girl, and finally got hard again... I heard the front door open... I knew it was my brother, but to my surprise it was my Dad! Then when I took my clothes off after finally getting hard again... My brother came home, and I was SO MAD! He and I shared a room at the time (And still do), and I'm not gonna lay there letting my brother see me get off! By the way, I wouldn't be able to keep my hardness anyway... So I had one last desperate attempt... I actually went in one of the cars, and got off there... in the daytime... where EVERYONE could see me... Boy will I never forget that wonderful pleasure... But that's a story for a different time!
- Chris



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