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My First Orgasm

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Jazzmaker is my husband, but this is my personal story.


I was a girl of 14 years when this happened. I was doing research in the school library for a project I was working on. I wanted a break so I decided to go to the washroom. The library had its own washrooms, which were single use rooms only, not multiple use like the others for the general school population. After I peed, I was sitting there twirling my fingers through the top of my pubic hair thinking about my project. Then my hand slipped a little further down to the top of my vagina lips. I had played with my pussy several times before and knew that many of my girl friends masturbated to orgasm. But every time I tried, while it felt good, I never really 'came.'

I noticed that my pussy was wetter than normal and I thought that my period was starting, even though I knew it was not due for another week. So I investigated further by pushing my fingers inside my pussy. The wetness was a clear slippery fluid like I experienced many times before. It even smelled the same. I took a brief lick and yes, it was salty like before so everything seemed to be okay. When I stuck my finger in my pussy it felt especially good so I continued my slow twirling motion inside my outer lips and went back to thinking about my project. I could not concentrate as the feeling between my legs was getting nicer. Then I started to massage my clit and that also felt more sensitive than normal. Then I started concentrating on my pussy as it began to respond with thickening lips and the nice feeling became more intense and stayed with me.

I decided to stop playing with myself as sitting on a toilet seat did not seem very appropriate for the kind of sensual feeling I was experiencing. I would have much preferred laying on my bed at home. As I tried to dry my pussy lips with toilet paper, a beautiful sensation came over my whole pussy area. I rubbed my clit with the paper and found myself pushing a little firmer with shorter strokes. It was then that I realized I was not going to let this feeling stop. I let my panties and jeans drop to my ankles, spread my legs further apart, and continued rubbing more rapidly with the paper, even though it was getting soaked and falling apart. Then it happened - a feeling of elation came over my entire body centered on my pussy. I began shoving my hips off the toilet seat into my fingers, which seemed to have a mind of their own. A most unusual feeling of numbness throughout my entire body came over me. I think I moaned a little and my breathing became gasps. After a moment of ecstasy I slid back to the toilet seat and sat there for a moment, stunned and gathering my thoughts.

I washed my hands and looked in the mirror and saw that my face was very flushed and my knees were a little weak. Somebody tried the washroom door so I had to leave while my face was still a little red. I prayed that no one would notice and suspect what I had just done.

That was the nicest sensation I ever had by far. I couldn't wait to tell my best friend that I finally had a full-fledged orgasm. To this day I prefer using toilet paper on my clit to masturbate while sitting on the toilet.



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