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My First Orgasm

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The first time I discovered masturbation...


Although I had experienced a couple of wet dreams and had boners for quite some time I never actually masturbated to orgasm until I was around 13, as although I remember touching and playing with myself, I always got scared when I approached orgasm or sometimes it would take a while to get that feeling and I would be interrupted and have to stop for fear of being caught.

It was the school holidays in the summer and really warm days, one of the rare long hot days we get in the UK and I was outside playing in the garden. We had a large garden at home and Dad built a long water mat that we could slide along which was about 40ft long which was a great bit of fun and real slippy if you wore the right shorts.

My sisters had gone inside as it was about 5pm and I was in the garden on my own sliding up and down the mat on my front when suddenly I started to feel different. My cock began to harden as I slid on my front and as I slid the harder my cock grew and the nicer it felt. As I slid along I could feel the contours of the ground start to rub along the back part of my cock it felt amazing.

As I reached the end of the mat I stopped and put my hands in my shorts and could feel a sticky substance around my head. Intrigued I slid back up the mat and again got all the same feelings and then I started to feel something build but just as I was reaching an orgasm I slid to the end of the mat so had to stop. Again I felt inside my shorts and touched the end of my dick, not only did I feel the sticky precum but also as I touched the head of my dick it was like a bolt of electric went through me and I continued to rub a little more before I heard mums voice calling me from the back door.

I grabbed a towel and walked in holding it in front of me to cover up my boner. As I walked through the back door I announced I needed a shower and rather than walk straight through the kitchen I turned left to the family bathroom and locked the door. Our shower was the over bath type with a detachable head. I turned on the water and jumped in my cock still hard and sensitive to the touch. I detached the shower head and stepped back in the bath and started rubbing at my cock. The feeling was immense and for some reason I aimed the warm water at my stiff dick and as the water hit, my back arched in a new sense of pleasure.

I stopped stroking and let the water just hit and was interested how my cock would pulse with the feeling of pleasure. I stopped and went back to using my hand this time instinctively going up and down my shaft, I did this about 10 times before I could feel the tightening happen in my balls, I wanted to stop but my brain wouldn't let me, then it hit.

My back arched and three massive squirts came out, it went up my chest onto my chin, I closed my eyes was gripping my cock with one hand the shower head with the other as I felt three smaller spurts dribble over my hand and cock. I looked down a little bit scared wondering what to see but feeling totally enthralled at what I had just done.

What I hadn't realised that in my moment of cumming I had sprayed water from the shower head everywhere. I quickly washed myself and tidied the bathroom. That was the beginning of exploring myself and my fascination with masturbation.



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