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My First Orgasm

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I had heard my friends talk about orgasms but had never experienced one until my boyfriend took care of it.


When I was 15, I started dating my best friend. He was a little more than a year older than me, but much more experienced as he had dated a girl for over a year. I on the other hand was very innocent, never letting any boy touch me below the waist. I had never even touched myself in a sexual way other than to use a tampon or wash myself in the shower.

We had been dating about 3 months and had progressed beyond kissing to boobie play, and I felt that I was ready to do more. I was always wet after doing that stuff but was scared to go further and he never pushed me. Finally we had the opportunity for him to stay over. It was a Friday night and my parents had gone out of town for a wedding and my little sister was staying at her friend's house for the weekend. I told my parents that my best friend was going to stay over to keep me company, but they assumed that it was a girl. ha ha.

He came over around seven and I greeted him in just a long t shirt and panties. His eyes were wide and a huge smile came across his face. He held my face in his hands and kissed me deeply in the living room. I told him, "not here" and led him into my bedroom. I shut all the lights except for one and put music on and he eased me onto my bed. He continued kissing me and then reached under my t shirt and caressed my small but sensitive breasts. His fingers then pinched my nipples and they grew hard under his touch. I pulled off his tight t shirt and traced my finger along the muscles in his back.

Our kisses grew more intense and he traced his finger up and down from my belly button to the top of my panties. He looked at me before moving his hand under the waistband of my bikini panties and I smiled and kissed him as dirty as I could. His fingers went up and down my sensitive labia, causing me sensations that I had never had before. He gently pulled down my panties and I lifted my butt so he could remove them. Then it happened, he spread my legs and his middle finger found my clit. Sensations that I never knew possible started flooding through me as he gently rubbed and stroked my most sensitive spot. My hips were moving up and down and sounds were coming out of me as my excitement grew.

This was so new that I didn't know exactly what was happening and got scared and told him to stop. He stopped for a minute as I calmed down and told me that I was close to orgasm and asked if he could continue. I told him that I was scared and he kissed me and told me to trust him. Then he started again and again those feelings started, stronger than ever. I was thrusting my hips up and down as moans and sighs escaped my lips. I started to get scared again but he held me closer, pulling me against him. My hand touched his penis and I felt how hard he was. Then he started rubbing my clit really fast and pulled me tighter. I let out a scream as my whole body shook from the most intense pleasure that I ever experienced. My clit and pussy felt as if they exploded as wave after wave of incredible pleasure wracked my young body. He slowed the rubbing down and kissed me as I started to cry.

I told him that it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me and that I loved him. He told me that I was beautiful and that he loved me too. I told him that I wanted to make him feel the way he had just made me feel, but that is for another post.



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