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My First Orgasm

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This is the story of my first ever orgasm from masturbation


I enjoy a very healthy sex life at my current age of 21. The first time I ever masturbated was at the age of 13. Before this time I had never experienced an orgasm nor masturbation. At the age of 13 every student in my school had to take a health class in which we learned everything from development to drug use.

During one class we talked about erections and arousal. Our teacher told us that erections happen from the time men are born and some are caused by the need to pee or for no other reason than your penis being touched by your clothes. She also told us that an erection can happen due to sexual arousal such as seeing someone naked and so on. Then she started talking about masturbation. I had no idea what masturbation was even though I had heard kids talking about it. It never really struck me as interesting due to the fact that I had no idea what it was or what an orgasm was. Our teacher told us that masturbation was used by some people to obtain a state of arousal and eventually orgasm. She never really explained further than this even though at this point I was becoming interested.

I now knew that an orgasm was some great feeling that ended in semen shooting out of your penis. The class ended and I was truly interested in finding about as much as I could about masturbation and all that came with it (this could have been related to the fact that I had a pretty intense boner all through class). The rest of school seemed to take forever. I even stopped in the bathroom locked a stall and checked out my penis. I never really had an appreciation for how nice it was to touch the tip of my penis and how fast an erection began.

After school ended I hurried to get on the bus and get home. I arrived home to find that I was alone with a note saying that no one would be back until much later that night. I had this weird feeling in my stomach it was like a hollow empty feeling of great excitement. I ran to our home computer and checked out what the Internet had on masturbation. I found a site that gave a great description of masturbation and a few ways to do it. It said that the best way for a circumcised man was to grab the penis around the middle of the shaft and pump up and down. I was very aroused at this point I could feel my erection and it was much harder than it usually was.

I kept reading about masturbation, the site said that once I started to stroke tension would build up and then finally be released in an orgasm and possible ejaculation depending on age. I couldn't take it anymore so I headed to my bathroom and started the shower. I put a towel down on the ground and stripped naked. My boxers had a big bulge in them and when I took them off my penis bobbed up and down. I sat down on the towel and began touching and examining my penis. Just touching it felt fantastic, like little electric shocks that made me even hornier. The head of my penis was a little wider than my shaft; it was very full but still spongy and deep purple. The back of the head had a dent in the shape of a V that felt especially good to touch. My shaft was the same color as my body skin and the skin of it moved smoothly over it.

I experimented with stroking my penis up and down until I found that if I bent it back slightly it felt very good. I decided at this point to go all the way even though I had no idea exactly what this was or how it would end. I stroked my penis up and down while looking at it. Eventually I could feel a stronger feeling. I could feel this tingling that seemed to be rising in the head of my penis and running down into my legs. I continued to stroke and this feeling continued to rise and grow. I knew that something was going to happen, I could feel these strange jerks in my butt and in my pelvis.

Then all of a sudden the pleasure seemed to grow very fast I pumped furiously and it seemed like I was going to pee on the floor but the idea of this made me even hornier. I let it go and the feeling erupted. I wanted to yell out as waves of tension and release flooded over me. Then my penis began to spasm deep down near my butt hole. I could feel the muscles clench and relax. A fluid shot out of the tip of my penis and onto my chest. Four or five spurts sprayed out of my penis falling wet and very warm on me. Eventually I was aware that it was all over. I sat there on the towel covered in my own semen still stroking my penis with the semen as lubrication.

I felt great and couldn't believe that I had never done this before. I examined my semen and found it to be sticky and very stretchy. I masturbated three more times that night trying out other ways that the site mentioned. I love to masturbate and get super horny thinking about my very first time.



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