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My First Orgasm

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I had recently turned 14, and had my first ejaculation...

The date was December 28th, 1999. The time was 11:09pm. I crawled into the bed my hosts kindly provided me. My older brother was in the bed next to me, talking to his girlfriend and facing the wall. I was bored, and not at all sleepy. I decided to masturbate - in an effort to finally, finally ejaculate.

I made sure to cover myself with a blanket, so my brother - and no one else for that matter - would know what I was doing. I pulled down my pajama pants and pulled up my t-shirt up to expose my slightly hairy, pre-pubescent chest and hairy stomach. I pulled down my boxers to my ankles, to reveal my stiff 4-inch boner, surrounded with a jungle of soft, shiny black pubic hair. I made a firm fist around my hard penis, and slowly tugged on it, up and down over and over again. I closed my eyes, and continued the up-down-up-down motion for what seemed like hours. It felt great, really great. Almost by instinct, I gradually picked up my pace until my hand was almost a blur. My hand was stroking my penis so hard, and so fast, I could barely see it. The light contributed to the fact of not being able to see it, as well.

I felt my muscles tighten at times, and smiled, knowing I would soon ejaculate. But nothing happened. I grew a bit frustrated, and my hand grew tired. But I was determined. I kept going at it. My hand was very tired, but I was not going to give up so easily. I went at it, and soon I felt my whole body tighten once more. But this, dear reader, was different.

I started breathing hard, erratically, really. I was in heaven, pure heaven. I breathed harder and harder - faster and faster. Everything was going so fast, and it felt so good. I took deep breaths, and made a 'tent' with my knees. My breathing increased and my body stiffened up. Suddenly, 1, no 2, no 3 ropes of semen squirted onto my hairy lower belly. I was in heaven - pure bliss! A huge smile formed on my face, as I caught my breath. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I put my hand on my stomach and felt the thick, sticky, gooey, jelly-like semen. It was a lot, and covered the lower half of my hairy stomach. Some dribbled off onto the sheets, but I didn't even care. I was so happy - I felt so accomplished!

From then on, it's all history as they say...



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