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My First Orgasm

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My First Orgasm

By Danielle

Hi, I'm Danielle, a 39 year old divorced woman. I was a virgin until I got married at 23. As a child I had experienced wonderful sensations between my legs and even rode things, like my pillow and furniture. I didn't really discover masturbation until I was late in my teens though. I knew what it was about, I just hadn't connected the mechanics of masturbation with orgasm. After I learned to masturbate a whole world opened up for me. Through masturbation I became more aware of my body and watched as I grew and matured physically. I spent many hours squatting over a mirror and studying myself. It arouses me to see my own vagina; it's very fleshy. My pubic hair is dark brown and very thick, which I'm very fond of. My labia are thick and meaty and stick out from between my mound. When I get aroused my clitoris gets very large, but the hood is so fleshy I still have to peal back the flaps to get to it. I especially like the smell and taste of my sex, and others' as well for that matter. When I masturbate I always incorporate smelling and tasting myself into it.

When I was sixteen I had my first orgasm. My mother was out and I was getting ready for a date. I wanted to borrow one of her blouses and went into her room to get it. In her drawer, underneath some cloths, I found a thick, white vibrator. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it and got a really naughty feeling inside my body. A shiver ran through me when I turned it on and felt it humming away in my little hands. It was only a minute or so that I began to tingle between my legs. I was so overcome with desire that I pulled my pants down around my ankles right there in my mother's bedroom and sat on the floor. I was already getting wet and starting to swell and my vulva was starting to ache. At first I tried to push it inside me, but it was too big and I'm kind of small. Instead I rubbed it around in the slippery wetness, around my labia and my pee hole. The vibrations were incredible. When I finally touched it to my clit, actually against the folds of skin that cover it, I almost passed out; it felt so wonderful that I got dizzy. I laid down on the carpet and just held it against me and things started happening fast. Right there, in my mother's bedroom, with her vibrator, I didn't care about anything except the exquisite pleasure I was feeling between my legs. I could feel myself climbing as the feelings and pressure were getting more and more intense. I have never felt such desperation in my life. I was breathing hard, trying to catch my breath, and got this incredible feeling like I was going to pee, but I didn't care. It felt too good to stop. All of a sudden this wave of pleasure started pulsing through my body and I lost total control of myself. Things just spun around and around until I finally peed all over myself. I can't quite describe the feeling of an orgasm, but you know it when you feel it. When I was done coming, I just laid there exhausted and limp. I couldn't believe what I had just experienced. I had to clean myself and the room up afterwards and put the vibrator back where I found it. Anyway, that's how I learned about masturbation. After that, I was hooked.

In time, I learned to control myself enough not to pee when I came, but also that it felt more intense when I did. It's odd because I don't really enjoy wetting myself or anything like that, there's just a physical connection there. After my first orgasm I became an avid masturbator. Every time my mother left the house I would run into her room and grab her vibrator. I usually did it right there in her room, on the bed or floor. Once, she left for the weekend and I "owned" it for the whole time. It was wonderful. I tried it in the bathtub, on the couch in the living room and used it in my own bed. I laid on my stomach, placed it between the folds of my vulva and ground against it until I came, then turned it off and fell asleep on top of it. When I woke up the next morning I found it in the covers and started my day out with a wonderful wake up orgasm. I never tried to use it when my mother was home because I was still very private about my masturbation and didn't want to get caught.

It took me a while to learn to come without a vibrator. Because I didn't have one of my own I got crafty and learned other ways to come. The shower attachment in the bathroom became a favorite lover. Eventually I was able to orgasm by humping my pillow. This was nice because I was able to masturbate in bed at night. My orgasms come pretty violently and I had a hard time controlling my noises and body back then. I'm sure now that my mother heard me in my room at night, humping and grinding away, grunting and moaning, etc, but she never let on. Eventually I became obsessed with filling myself when I masturbated. I am kind of small, vaginally, and also wanted to keep my virginity until I was married so I didn't go with anything big. I started with my fingers which was really erotic because I like the feel of my juices, all slippery and warm and such. I also like the feeling of the inside of my vagina. It's so warm and fleshy feeling, I love it. I worked up to tapered candles which are still a favorite today. Back then I would wait until I started to get wet, then slowly push the thin end into my opening. The gradual thickening was sufficient to make me feel stretched. The first time I combined the use of candles with my mother's vibrator it was incredible. It was the first time I felt that clamping feeling in my vagina. Again, I was hooked.

One time, my friend Amanda spent the night. We were seventeen by then. It was nothing for us to share the same bed when we slept over, so I never gave it much thought. As usual, we stayed up late watching television, then went to bed and stayed awake talking for a while. We were both dating guys our age and usually ended up talking about them. Amanda was a bit more liberal than I and was letting her boyfriend pet her and told me all about it. Listening to her got me pretty excited. I was really buzzing inside and wanted to masturbate badly. I considered going to the bathroom to do it, but before I could she asked me if I ever touched myself. I was scared to tell her the truth, but blurted out a yes. She was overjoyed and told me that she did to. Then she started asking me all sorts of questions like how long I had been doing it, how I did it and things like that. When I told her the vibrator story she thought it was pretty incredible and admitted that she was touching herself right then, while I was talking to her. She encouraged me to do the same. We were whispering and everything, of course. When I told her that I couldn't make myself come that we she told me to pull down my underwear and she would show me how. Then she turned on the lamp and pulled down the covers. She had already taken her panties off and started pulling mine off for me. I was kind of caught off guard and just laid there while she did it. Amanda kneeled next to me, pushed my legs open and put her hand on my pussy and immediately slid a finger up between my lips. I was reeling. So much was happening so fast and it all felt so good, I didn't really know what to think. I remember she made some comment about how wet I was and that it turned her on. I just laid there and she masturbated me. It was so good. She put a finger inside me while she rubbed my clit and I had to cover my face with a pillow to help keep quiet. It was a pretty intense orgasm, for sure. When I came she laid down next to me and waited until I had recovered, then asked if I would do it to her. I was very excited about the whole thing and did it until she came, then we went to sleep. After the lights were out I kept smelling my fingers with her scent on them. It was so good. We spent the night together a lot after that, but that's another story. Email me at .




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