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My First Orgasm

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Does anyone forget the first time?


When I was nine, we lived in a small town in Southern California. We didn't have much money and, at this time, I slept in the same bed as my 15 year-old brother. I wasn't totally ignorant of sex--what nine year-old is?-- but I didn't know about jacking off.
One night I woke up because I felt the bed shaking. I lay awake trying to figure out what was going on. After a few seconds I asked my brother, 'What's making the bed shake?' The shaking immediately stopped (I realized later that my brother thought I was asleep and was startled at being caught.), There was a pause of about 15 seconds, and then my brother said, ' I'm shaking my foot. If you shake it for awhile, it feels real good.' This was news to me, so I thought I'd try it-- and I started shaking my foot. To my surprise I felt my brother's hand reach over and brush my crotch. (I later realized that he thought I must be jacking off too and was checking me out..) I was shocked that he'd feel me up like that, so I said something like, 'What are you doing?' Again there was a pause and then he said, 'I'm not shaking my foot. Let me show you what I'm doing.' And he reached over and took a hold of my 9-year old dick and started stroking it. I didn't know what this was all about, but I knew I liked the feeling-- a lot!
After about a half minute he reached over with his other hand, took my hand, and put it on his huge dick. I was amazed at how big it was and, looking back now, I think it must have been well above average-- about 7 inches and very thick-- not bad for a 15-year-old! (My dick would eventually grow to be about this size, too, I'm happy to say.)
I started stroking his the way he was doing mine.
After a couple of minutes I felt the pleasure build in my dick and I stopped stroking him to concentrate on what was happening to me. ( I still held on to him, though!) Another minute of him stroking me and then it happened. My intense first orgasm was so strong that I actually sat upright. My brother didn't let go but kept stroking me for another 10 seconds or so until I finally relaxed and lay back down. He then took my hand, still wrapped around his cock, and started me stroking him again. I kept it up until he moaned, pushed my hand away, and rolled over on his side away from me. (And, of course, I now realize he had shot his load and probably didn't want me to get it all over my hand.)
We never said anything. He just continued to lay on his side away from me and eventually I drifted off to sleep, kind of amazed at what had just happened.
The next day he acted like nothing had gone on. But later that morning, when I was alone in the bathroom, I started stroking my dick and achieved my first orgasm on my own.
That night as I lay next to my brother wondering what was going to happen, the bed began to shake again. This time I just reached over, pushed his hand aside, grabbed a hold and started pumping. And he reached over and took a hold of mine. This time I got him off first, getting cum all over my hand, which kind of grossed me out, but he didn't stop jacking me until I had another terrific climax. He then helped me clean up and explained about 'shooting his load' and then we both went to sleep.
He must have gotten some guilt feelings because we didn't do this every night, just every now and then when he must have gotten hornier than usual.
Eventually my parents were able to afford a second bed and my brother got into girls and we never did it again.
I calculate that I've now had well over 20,000 orgasms in my life. but I still vividly remember this first one.
I love 'First Time' stories-- both MM and MF. Now you tell me yours!



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