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My First Orgasm

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It was New Years Eve and my parents had gone out for the evening. I had my best friend James come over and spend the night. James had just turned 14 and I was about to in a month. We ordered some pizza and watched a movie. We got out some of my fathers playboys which we had done a 100 times. We had seen each others packages but never with a boner. I started to get a semi hardon and I looked over at James and I could see his hardon pressing against his jeans.

James stood and said that he was going to get in the shower. He had a raging boner. It looked huge through his jeans. But he didn't realize that I had a trick for him. I waited for him to get in and I grabed our webcam and stood in the door waiting for him to get out. I also took his towel. He took the longest shower ever. I could hear him talking to himself but I couldn't make out what he was saying. He finally was done!!! He came around the corner of the walk in shower and I was filming away. Then to my surprise was this huge boner staring me in the eyes. He was surprised went to grab his towel which wasn't there then start to chase me through the house naked. We were wrestling on the floor, I could feel his boner pressing against me. He sat on top of me with this boner about 2 feet away from my face. I wanted to grab it I could believe I wanted to.

He grabbed the cam from me and erased the clip. Well we watched the ball drop and went to bed. We started to talk about girls and stuff then he asked me if I heard anything in the bathroom while he was taking a shower? I said ' I thought you were singing or crazy talking to yourself.' I told him that had to be the longest shower in history.

He said ' you know what I was doing in there, don't you?'

I said laughing 'yeah playing with yourself.'

James said ' yeah jerking off, don't you do it to?'

I said ' I have but nothing really happens.'

I started to ask questions how he did it.

He said ' you want me to show you?'

'If you want to????'

I turned on the closet light so that I could see and came back to the bed to find James lying naked in the bed with a 7' boner (we measured ours later that night, I am 6 1/2') I got naked and grabbed my boner and did what he did. This went on for about 5 minutes then he stopped and asked me well I'm close how about you???


He began to beat it again this time massaging his balls and I think rubbing his hole. He began to groan and this hips started to thrust up and down. He yelled 'I'm cumming damn it I'm cumming!!' Then these ropes of cum shot all over his chest. He just laid there breathing hard and rubbing the cum all over his hairless chest.Then he licked his fingers. I said 'gross what are you doing?' 'It's not bad' he said

I was stroking like there was no end. My arms got tired, then the words that I will never forget. 'Do you want me to help you?' At this point I said 'YEAH!!!!' He grabbed my boner and it felt so great. He was stroking it with one hand and rubbing the head with the other. He was telling me to make it hard then relax, this went on for a while. He was spitting all over it to lube it up. He started concentrate on the head of my dick. Then I got this great feeling all over my body, like before but alot more intense. Then I finally came. Not much few drops shot out and dribbled down my shaft. He said ' how was that?' 'Great' I said. 'Do you want to taste it' he asked. I said 'hell no!!!!' We woke up the next morning with good ole morning stiffies. I pulled off my boxers and started to jack off with him right next to me. He awoke and joined in. I finally did it myself. This time it was a little more juice. I am now shooting ropes over my head especially if I do alot of edging. And I am still doing it every chance I get. It wasn't long before I tasted it, it's not all that bad. You just have to be in the mood for it

Since that New Years Eve James and I have had many M/M sessions. At least 2 times a week. We have even explored the anal and the oral pleasures of life. We have even had a threesome with another friend of ours on a camping weekend. I was so sore and Mr. Happpy was swollowen from all the weekends activities I know that we are both Bi, because we both have 'steady' girl friends. I still love the ladies, but a good stiff every once in a while is great to.



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