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My First Orgasm

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This story is about the first time having an orgasm. Hope you all enjoy!


As I've mentioned in my past contributions, I grew up in a household were it was a challenge to find good quality private time. I didn't have many siblings or anything like that, however it always seemed like either my mom or my dad would always be at home with us. Now I had my own room and all in my middle to late teens, but I always felt like someone could walk into my room at any given moment and catch me in a compromising situation. Believe me, when a family member barges in on you (without knocking first); you start to become cautious about how you choose your 'private' time. Those times where either my mom or my sister would walk in on me wasn't overly traumatic or anything, but still somewhat embarrassing. Another reason why it was difficult finding the right time to explore and enjoy my body was that most of the time I would hangout around our house fully-clothed (shirt, underwear - usually boxers, and pants), and because I had limited upper body movement (due to my disability), it would often by hard to get access to my crotch. This may sound weird to some people, but because I had a spastic (or incontinent) bladder (again - due to my disability), I would often have to wear adult diapers (or rather absorbent briefs). They were very tight and snug against my body, and trying to slide my hand down to get to my package through them (without pulling it apart) was a huge challenge. It would be extremely frustrating because most of the time I would have an erection (for one reason or another) and it would press and strain against my tight clothes and/or my Depends, and I would have no way to pull it out and let it breathe. I would be able to rub and adjust it through my clothes (when it was causing pain), however I could never get the direct sensation through all those layers of clothing. I would have solitude at night when everyone was in bed sleeping, however it was so dark in my room that I couldn't see and explore the various characteristics of my entire groin. Hell - even when I took baths I could never seem to have a private moment without one of my sisters barging in to use the bathroom or help me wash up.

All that being said one day I found myself in a lucky situation. I was probably around 16 or 17 at the time and if memory serves it was a Saturday morning when my parents asked me if I wanted to with them to run some errands. I wasn't really in the mood to go out, and I asked them if I could just stay home. They gave me their permission and before I knew it I had the whole house to myself. I drove my wheelchair into my room and pulled out a porn video (from my secret stash) that one of my personal assistants had given me. I was luck in that I had my own TV and VCR in my room, and I slid the video in and hit play. I watched the movie for a couple minutes, when I started to feel that all too familiar stirring in my groin and quickly traveling from the base of my penis all the way to the tip. I then paused the video and made my way to my bathroom, where I started to pull my khaki pants down. It took me a couple minutes to slide them down enough to where my now throbbing penis was full exposed and out in the open. It was such a relief to be able to sit in peace and have my average size member out in the open air. After fully inspecting and playing around, I decided to back and watch more of my video. As I watched the various sex scenes, I began to slowly stroke up and down the length of my shaft, while periodically running my fingers my pubic hair. Usually many guys at that age have had enough practice masturbating to know what tricks get them off the best, but in all honesty I had no clue what I was really doing except from what I ha read about and heard other guys talk about. After awhile I stared to feel a foreign tingling sensation slowly build in my balls and I kept the same motion going. About 30 seconds later I started to get hot and sweaty; and felt an increasing pressure rise up. It felt like I had to pee, but yet strangely different. I must admit that it scared me a little because it was somewhat painful, but I continued on. As I looked down to watch myself pump away on my dick, I noticed that the faster I went; the more my penis head and shaft throbbed and expanded. I didn't know it at the time, but I felt that pressure slowly making it's way from the base, through the shaft, and up to my penis head. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, I gave one more strong pump and watched as a drop of thick white milky fluid slowly gushed out the tip of my swollen penis. I suddenly stopped and was completely enraptured by this sudden sense of overwhelming pleasure and fear. Yes-I was scared, partially because I'd never felt anything like that before and I wasn't quite sure what my body was doing. I was flushed and winded, but absolutely in awe of what just happened. As I sat there trying to catch my breath, I reached down, took the gooey liquid between my thumb and forefinger, and rolled it around - investigating its texture and scent - and that's when I realized it was semen. A couple minutes later my penis finally went down and I was able to clean up the remaining semen that had leaked out after my penis went soft, before my folks got back from the store. I wasn't able to get my pants back up however, and when they came home I just told them that I couldn't get them back up after using the bathroom.

Believe it or not - unlike many teenage guys, I never experienced having wet dreams or anything like that, so the appearance of semen was truly a new experience for me. Looking back on it now, I didn't comprehend the fact that I stopped before I had a full orgasm. I didn't know that I could've continued and produce more of this foreign substance, but for it being my first orgasmic ejaculation - it was nothing short of spectacular.



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