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My First Orgasm

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I got my first erection at age 11. I was in bed one evening when I'd been squeezing my cock before going to sleep. I wondered if anything was wrong with it, and whether it would go down again. Many years before my mother had told me that cocks were dirty and not to be touched, which was the reason why my foreskin never got retracted until I was feeling very brave one day. How can you live with a cock for ten years and not know it can be peeled back? I did. Anyway, my cock did go down but I still had no idea of the pleasure it could give.

A few months later I started at a new school, and was happy to watch schoolmates in various stages of undress in the changing rooms and showers. Towards the end of my first year there I think we all started releasing hormones at the same time, we were 12 by then, although our physical development progressed at different speeds. We developed an obsession with groping each other especially when it rained at lunchtime and we were stuck in the classroom. One boy, Alan, was a bit rough, but he succeeded in making me hard.

'Yours is stiff, isn't it?' he would say, and there was no denying it and no relief for me because I didn't know how.

When sports day came we were at the far end of the field and he wanted us to get our cocks out but I wasn't happy about the absence of privacy. In the end, the following day we agreed to go to the nearby park after school where there were some tall bushes beside the lake. After we got out of school he said we should run to the park to make ours stiff, and as we ran he groped me to make sure.

We reached a clearing in the bushes, undid our flies and pulled out our cocks, immediately deciding that we didn't need trousers or underwear, so we lost those. I was fascinated by his cock because it pointed upwards instead of straight out. What a turn on it was! It was four inches long, we used our school rulers to check, while mine was five. I had some hair and he didn't. The other unusual thing was that Alan's balls were widely separated. Thinking back, this was probably because he'd been stiff all afternoon and they'd drawn up towards his body. During the day he'd come over to my desk and holding his forefingers a few inches apart and said, 'My cock's this big.' I was more modest and hadn't expect mine to match his. We examined each other and squeezed each other's cocks in the bushes by the lake. His foreskin seemed to be attached so that it couldn't be pulled back beyond the flange of his cockhead, and as I didn't yet know how to wank I had no idea what else to do with it. Alan handled mine very carefully and asked how long I'd been able to pull it back.

'For ages,' I lied.

We christened one another's cockhead with cool lake water, a deep instinct for lubrication I suppose, then we had to leave to catch buses home. Alan said he would strip completely if we came back to the park another time.

I had a very stiff journey on the bus home, but for reasons I can't understand now, it eventually went down. Alan and I never went back to the park but a couple of times we unzipped our flies in the semi-privacy of the alcove where my desk was during religious education. We shared a desk because he'd hidden his bible and claimed he'd forgotten it. I'll never forget the magic feeling of Alan's nimble fingers reaching inside my trousers and placing them round my unbelievably stiff cock. I enjoyed holding and squeezing his almost as much.

Eventually, we gave up such pursuits and Alan seemed to be doing the rounds of the other boys in the class. You've probably realised already that the school was single sex.

It was about then that I played sick one day, but my mother didn't believe a word of it and sent me to bed. So it was her fault that, during the afternoon, I squeezed my cock and made it stiff. I discovered that movement of the foreskin up and down felt quite good, so I just carried on because it did, not expecting anything to happen as a result. After what had to be fifteen minutes I began to notice a building up of pressure at the base of my cock. It increased quite quickly, along with a feeling of pleasure that I'd never felt before. I didn't want to stop but was convinced I would piss myself if I didn't. As the pleasure grew and seemed to take over, I summoned all my twelve-year-old willpower, let go of my cock and felt it pulse in orgasm while I used my prostate muscles to hold back the 'piss'. Somehow I succeeded, and somehow I didn't ejaculate, and somehow my cock eventually went soft. It had to be the most frustrated cock in town. Well, that was in the afternoon, but like the junkie returning for his fix I just had to repeat the pleasure in the evening. I rubbed my cock, slowed and speeded up, and the pleasure began to return. The pulsing began and I stopped rubbing and used the same muscles to stop it. The orgasm came again, but this time I couldn't hold back the flood and felt hot liquid spurting out. I realised it was white, then I remembered at my previous school some boys had been talking about 'spunk'. When I asked what spunk was they said, 'White stuff you get round your knob.' Although not quite accurate it was enough to tell me that the liquid without an apparent purpose was normal. One other discovery I made that night is that it dries and goes crusty on pj's! My cock let me sleep unfrustrated that night.

A few days later at school a boy called Michael, asked if he could wank me. I think he'd been playing with Alan. 'I want to see if I can make a big one stiff.' His words alone had done that, but silly me was too embarrassed to let him know. Missed opportunity or what? I liked him too.

I wasn't really big, by the way, my cock had just grown up early. Now I've caught up with it, it's quite ordinary.



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